Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, my name is Eloïse I’m Ayurvedic Counselor and Therapist, as well as Yoga teacher Hi, my name is Pedro. I’m an Android developer, Yoga, and AcroYoga teacher. We are here to present you simple funny and supportive health app called AloeVeda AloeVeda is your Ayurvedic Healer right in your phone to help you to find health and balance in your life Join us to understand how AloeVeda can help you First, let me tell you the story of Stefan and his family Stefan is 45 years old and works a lot After work, To relax, he enjoys snacking and drinking while watching tv. Sadly, he has hypertension and high cholesterol His wife Eva is pregnant and wants to do the best for her baby She reads a lot about natural approaches to Pregnancy and Baby care. Their first daughter, Claudia just started university. She has been suffering from skin problems for years and doesn’t understand why. Stephan’s mother, Nora, really wants to play with her new grandchild but for her it’s painful to move too much because she suffers from arthritis. Her husband, Joe has memory issues and his problem is worsening day by day. Like all of them, sometimes it’s easy to get out of balance. AloeVeda can help you with that! It combines the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda for nowadays people By the way, do you know what is Ayurveda? It’s the oldest natural medicine. Imagine a great great grandma with a lot of wisdom that just wants to take care of you and your health Ayurveda was born in India around 5000 years ago to help people And because it was so good at doing this people spread its words and kept using it It uses nutrition, lifestyle and herbs the best natural tools to support health and longevity With AloeVeda you can access all the Ayurvedic knowledge straight in your phone! You have personalised programs with
nutrition guidelines explaining you what and how to eat the best recommended food for you and a meals planner to give you everyday the best meals to support you Lifestyle recommendations to give you tips on how to balance your days including
morning and evening routines The most suitable activities for you such as hiking, swimming or yoga And suggestions for taking care of yourself through massage, scrub or skin mask Herbs to heal you and help you to reach more balance Some for cleansing, some for boosting or to regenerate you and even for others special situations like acidity or constipation Every day, in your page, AloeVeda takes care of reminding your personal daily homework You just need to follow Back to Stefan’s family Stefan started using the AloeVeda app, and after a test AloeVeda recommended him a Hypertension program He started changing his eating habits replacing junk snacks with fruits and other healthy food and eating more greens and whole cooling grains He joined a cycling group twice per week and felt more connected to his body and mind Stefan also took special herbs to take care of his heart and relax his mind. Now after 3 months following this program Stefan feels healthier, his tension improved he feels less tired and stressed, more motivated and happier Stephan was so pleased with his improvements that he started sharing AloeVeda with his family Eva found a Pregnancy program, Claudia a skin program Nora a program for joints and arthritis and Joe a program for memory Like Stephan family, we all are sometimes out of balance AloeVeda helped them to reconnect to themself and to find balance again.
It can support you too! To create AloeVeda we need you! Please help us to create this great app by supporting AloeVeda project and by sharing it. Thank you for watching and let’s make this happen!

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