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Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. This encompasses any type of hair loss, whether it be temporary or more permanent. There are more than 20 types of alopecia and
they can broadly be divided into those that cause scarring and those that are non-scarring. The most common type which affects men is
male pattern hair loss. The female equivalent tends to be female pattern
hair loss which develops much more slowly. There are other types of hair loss which are
not hormone or genetic dependent and these include those that are autoimmune such as alopecia
areata which is another very common cause of hair loss. There can be also be alterations in the hair
cycle and telogen effluvium or chronic telogen effluvium causes excessive hair shedding which can cause thinning
and a reduction in the volume of the hair. The presentation of alopecia is very much
dependent on the cause. The commonest cause of hair loss is male pattern
hair loss and that tends to present in men in their 20s or 30s. Usually they notice recession of their hair
over their temples. They may also notice thinning over the crown
of their scalp. For women, the commonest cause is female pattern
hair loss. Often women notice thinning on the top of
their scalp compared to the hair at the back of the scalp. Both these conditions, male pattern hair
loss and female pattern hair loss, have a strong genetic component. However, male pattern hair loss tends to be
more strongly influenced by hormonal factors. Other causes of hair loss include autoimmune
types of hair loss and the commonest of these is alopecia areata. In alopecia areata patients often notice or are incidentally
told they have a single discrete patch of hair loss which is often a patch of bald scalp. In terms of scarring hair loss, patients often
get symptoms as compared to patients with non-scarring types of hair loss. This can include a stinging sensation or sensation
of burning or discomfort and patients may also experience tenderness in touch in the
scalp. Looking at the scalp, there may be changes
such as redness around the hair follicle or indeed larger areas of redness. Often over time, if left untreated, this can
progress to a scarring patch of hair loss where a scar is seen on the scalp. The treatment for alopecia is very dependent
upon the underlying cause in the diagnosis. For male pattern hair loss, minoxidil is often
a good treatment and tablet options include finasteride. Women have a few more options for female pattern
hair loss. Again, minoxidil can be used with good effect. Additionally, hormonal therapy such as the oral contraceptive
pill or hormonal replacement therapies can be useful. However, it’s important to be aware that
some are hair-friendly and some may encourage hair loss. In patients with alopecia areata it is important
to treat the underlying autoimmune cause. This may be with steroid tablets, steroid
creams or non-steroid based creams. Alternatives include light therapy, immunotherapy
and tablet treatments to suppress the overall immune system. There are some newer therapies that are in
trial which look very promising. Treatment of telogen effluvium is looking
at the underlying cause, identifying it and then addressing it. There are a huge number of lifestyle factors
that one would consider. In terms of scarring hair loss, treatment is to
reduce the inflammation to prevent the scarring from occurring. Therefore, early treatment is important. A variety of creams, lotions and foams may
be used on the surface of the scalp but often tablets that suppress the immune system are needed. As with all treatments and especially so in
hair loss, it’s important to balance the risk and the benefit.

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  1. I've had alopecia in the back of my head after something traumatic that happened. It was 3 visible spots of the size of a quarter. I let my hair grow so it hides the bald spots, I was so self-aware. After about a year of eating normaly, taking multi-vitamins, meditating, going to gym, my hair grew back. If you stress about it, it will be a vicious cycle that you cannot end.

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  3. Im 12 years old and i have alopecia areata

    My classmates keep teasing me that im gonna be bold
    Which makes me more stressed
    I hope it will be gone soon );

  4. Sir Im 16 years old. My hair is falling Regularly but not so many hair. When i do shampoo i see some hairfall. I noticed that my hair is not like before. Is that a problem? I am thinking to take evion 400. Pls reply

  5. I got one to but I keep massaging the bald spot we’re the hairs are small in it’s like a bunch of tiny hairs be on my hand ? what am I suppose to do now

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  10. i losses many hairs everyday… loss is my very problem…i am 30 yrs. old now here in philippines

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  12. My frontal area is becoming visible through's falling very severe within a week ago I don't know what happened!! I am very losted.. and my scalp becoming itchy and everytime my hair falls and it's seen in my comb,t shirts, and pillow and if I touch my hair it's brokes and falls and while washing it's falls very badly

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  14. I am only 23 facing the hair loss from last 5 years.I have seen my beautiful ,healthy hair turning lifeless hairs, dandruff scalp. I guess I have lost my 70% hair. Now I am hopeless, how can I get my hair back. I use to cry over night, don't even want to go outside. If you have truly experienced solution then please help me. It feel like I am dying

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  16. I don't really know what type of my hair loss is but to be very honest i was 14 years old when I first time start mustruburation and i start losing hair and then after 1 year I start losing my eyes brows and eye slashes, and legs hair, and after 1 year start losing facial hair, and now I'm 19 year old, I didn't quit mustruburation . I really want to know is this alopecia or my bad habit effect.

  17. Take care of body heat and apply oil to hair regularly and get proper nutrition along with minimizing stress by meditation….

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  19. I have something called spotted Alopecia it’s 2 big spots 1 spot over each of my ears it’s really starting to worry me

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    When i was young my hair was dense and i nearly had no hair loss but when i grew up it began to fall when i brush or comb my hair. So is there any action i can do???

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