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Greetings, Mr. Hansraj! Greetings, sir! Where are you from? I’m from Allahabad! Tell us about what issues were you facing? In 2010, I suffered from bleeding during defecation. This continued for about 6-7 months. So, I thought I had Piles and took medicines for the same for 6 months. But when it still didn’t get controlled I went to Mumbai to seek treatment. They asked me to get a colonoscopy done and then I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. That doctor gave me a medicine, Mesacol and asked me to take it for a lifetime. I took it for 1 year but there was no relief. I went back to Allahabad and met another doctor who was a specialist. He prescribed me Mesacol OD, Wysolone 10mg. I started taking those medicines and got some relief for a few months. After that I visited the doctor again, he asked me to continue taking Mesacol OD and stop taking the rest. I followed the treatment and went to get myself checked every three months but later the symptoms reoccurred. I went to see my doctor again, he asked me to increase the dosage as in instead of 1 tablet he asked me to take 2. He kept increasing the dosage and this continued for about 1 year. After that I went to Surat and later to Mumbai. I stopped taking Mesacol, because my problem had controlled with Wysolone. For how long did all this continue? This went on for around 2 and a half years to 3 years. What did you do about it? I drive a rickshaw and whenever I stopped Wysolone I started bleeding. The pharmacist wouldn’t even give me tablets sometimes without a prescription that would worsen my problem further. It was very hard for me to continue my job as I had to pass stool more than 6 times a day. Was there bleeding every time? Yes, each time. One day I was searching about Ulcerative colitis on the internet and I came across Planet Ayurveda and I saw a lot of people got positive results, the I thought to myself if they can be cured, why can’t I? I stopped taking all the medicines and with my positivity and confidence, I got cured up to 50 %. The frequency of my stools has decreased to 3 times and there has been no bleeding from the past 2 and a half months. You stopped taking the medicines than what actually did you do? I came back to my village. I had sent a mail to sir to which he replied and gave a diet chart along with it. Now, I follow the diet chart and I’m confident that I’ll be totally cured. What dietary changes did you make? I restricted the usage of spices and I consumed shisham leaf juice, rose petals juice and Marigold juice. It’s been 2 months since I started taking this. What did you restrict and started eating? I didn’t make much changes in my diet. I eat the regular Dal, rice and chapatti and I avoid junk food. Dr Vikram Chauhan, he has come here to seek treatment from you! Yes! He has come here for the first time and I felt so happy to know that just from watching the video he made a few changes in his diet and followed those remedies like consuming shisham leaf and marigold flower juice and that stopped his bleeding. This gave me immense happiness that the videos we make are so helpful to people and give out a message and confidence that there’s no need to take medicines for an entire lifetime to cure Ulcerative colitis. It can be cured without medicines and there’s no need to go into depression. Usually people who are suffering from Ulcerative colitis get really depressed thinking that he’ll have to take medicines for their entire lifetime. Steroids have a lot of side effects and they consume immunosuppressants. Regular consumption of immunosuppressants causes tension and depression. Yes, whenever there was heavy bleeding my attention got diverted towards it and that deteriorated the condition even more. Ulcerative colitis and IBD patients are given a dead end saying that you’ll have to take medicines for the rest of your lives and you’ll have to ultimately undergo surgery that affects the patient psychologically. In Ayurveda, it has a very proper treatment. He’s already 70% cured only with diet and lifestyle changes. For the remaining 30%, I have given him Kutajghan Vati, along with another preparation of the herb Kutaj that is Vatsakadi Churna, Arjuna capsules to curb bleeding. These medicines will fix the remaining problem also. After 2-3 months he won’t need these medicines also. Baelgiri churna is also helpful. For diet, I ask the patients to take curd, banana, Khichdi, Moong dal, restrict spicy food. And you should have the confidence that you can be cured. Absolutely correct! This confidence came in him after watching the video and his bleeding stopped. It was just his belief of being cured that caused the improvement. Ulcerative colitis is also known as shokaj Grahani. The disease Grahani as mentioned in Ayurveda describes Ulcerative colitis as Ama janya Raktapitta Atisar which means defecation of undigested food with blood and mucus. It can be correlated with Grahani but Ulcerative colitis is an impaired version of Grahani. We can call it Shokaj Grahani also as it starts with shok or trauma/depression. When there is stress, anxiety, fear in your mind followed by unhealthy diet like excess of spicy food, milk products, it gives rise to autoimmune disorders. Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease which forms antibodies and attacks the intestines. Now that he has made some changes in his diet, he shall be fine. Well, this is a very nice proof for our viewers that confidence is very important. Mr. Hans raj cured himself with his confidence. Thank you!

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  1. Sir my frnd is in hospital admited emergengy for black stool n n endoscopy show duodenal ulcer. but now d doctor dont knw frm whr its bleeding. they cnt stop it. i hrd abt sheesham leaves dat stop bleeding. what is ur advice sir
    thank you

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  4. vikram sir…. mouth ulcer har 5 day me nikalta h aur jiv me 2 year se h….. kya karna chahiye sir

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  6. You are doing a great thing by helping people with UC with ur medicine,UC makes life very difficult and it will be like a miracle for ppl to heal themselves and be out of UC.

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