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{shad0}Do we need to treat hypertension? {shad0}In fact, we don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Don’t need to treat {shad0}Let me repeat again as its so important {shad0}We don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Actually I don’t mean that we should stop reducing blood pressure {shad0}I mean we should stop the symptomatic treatment for hypertension. {shad0}Let me explain again {shad0}Etiology {shad0}Symptom {shad0}What is high blood pressure? {shad0}High blood pressure is just a symptom {shad0}Its just a numerical value, not the etiology {shad0}What we need to treat is the etiology of hypertension {shad0}Not the numerical value of blood pressure {shad0}Your treatment is a failure {shad0}if you just focusing on how to reduce the value {shad0}Don’t tell others you are my student {shad0}Some of you use herbal medicine or acupuncture {shad0}to reduce the blood pressure number very quickly {shad0}But it increases again afterwards {shad0}That’s because you are not treating the etiology {shad0}you are just treating the symptom {shad0}We shouldn’t do these treatments {shad0}We have to treat the actual cause of high blood pressure {shad0}What is the actual cause? {shad0}It is the blockage of circulatory system {shad0}and it causes the derangement of cellular metabolism {shad0}Cells cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen anymore {shad0}as the important passway is blocked {shad0}When this metabolic problem first occurs {shad0}derangement starts {shad0}Cells call upon three main regulation systems {shad0}’I’m hungry’ {shad0}Regulation systems including nervous system, endocrine system and immune system start to work {shad0}They induce vasoconstriction and increase cardiac output {shad0}in order to bring nutrients and oxygen to feed cells {shad0}As vasoconstrictor and cardiac output increases {shad0}more blood is pumped to cells {shad0}As the result, the blood pressure increases {shad0}Right? {shad0}And as vascular elasticity is fixed {shad0}increase in vasoconstrictor chronically cause blood vessels become more sclerotic and stenotic {shad0}It will damage delicate organs {shad0}decompensation starts {shad0}And as cells can’t get enough nutrients and oxygen again {shad0}They will keep on calling upon three main regulatory systems {shad0}to pump more blood {shad0}And high blood pressure will increase even more {shad0}Because regulatory systems are trying to pump more blood {shad0}Blood pressure keeps on increaseing and delicate organs are damaged. It is a vicious cycle {shad0}So don’t just treat the numerical value of blood pressue {shad0}The blockage in circulatory system is the key to hypertension treatment {shad0}If you are not only focusing on simply reducing the numerical value {shad0}But also clearing the blockage in circulatory systems to restore metabolism {shad0}Then I believe you are treating in the right way {shad0}So to conclude {shad0}Our body increases blood pressure to feed cells {shad0}So how can we reduce the blood pressure correctly? {shad0}As we mentioned earlier, the key is the blockage of circulatory system {shad0}which cause the derangement of cellular metabolism {shad0}If we can reestablish the patency in circulatory system {shad0}we shall can cure hypertension {shad0}It’s as simple as this {shad0}reestablish the pantency {shad0}by expelling the blockage {shad0}What will happen when blockage is expelled? {shad0}All the problems occur as the circulatory system is blocked {shad0}When the patency is reestablished {shad0}cellular metabolism is restored {shad0}Cells can get enough nurients and oxygen {shad0}They are not hungry anymore {shad0}If pathway in circulatory system is blocked, cells cannot get enough food to survive {shad0}Our body increases blood pressure to pump more blood to feed them {shad0}But this solution damanges fragile organs {shad0}And it can threaten patient’s life {shad0}So what shall we do? {shad0}As the blockage is the main issue {shad0}We just need to simply clear out the blockage. Right? {shad0}The homeostasis of cellular process is restored {shad0}Cells can get nurtrients and aren’t hungry anymore {shad0}Then they stop calling upon regulatory systems to pump more blood {shad0}Once regulatory systems stop contracting blood vessels and increasing cardiac output {shad0}Blood flow is restored {shad0}As the result, blood pressure is reduced naturally {shad0}Hypertension is not complicated {shad0}It’s simply because our cells are hungry {shad0}So they call upon our body to save them {shad0}High blood pressure is just the result of this emergency call {shad0}As our body increases blood pressure to pump more blood towards cells {shad0}Blood pressure increases {shad0}We just need to reestablish pathway to excrete blockage in circulatory system {shad0}Then our body don’t need to increase blood pressure {shad0}as cells stop calling up for more blood {shad0}Cells can get enough nutrients when blockages are cleared out {shad0}Problem solved! {shad0}No more hunger, no more high blood pressure {shad0}I might be too wordy {shad0}But I’m just trying to help you to understand the etiology of hypertension {shad0}Once you know the etiology, you will know how to treat {shad0}During my last training sessions, some students asked {shad0}Dr. Liu, how do we know if the blockage is expelled apart from decrease in blood pressure {shad0}During our clinical practices {shad0}We clear out the blockage quickly using special manual therapy {shad0}by reestablishing patency of circulatory system {shad0}This solves the etiology of hypertension {shad0}Not just reduces the numerical value of blood pressure {shad0}During treatments, we found something quite interesting {shad0}All our patients show certain reactions when the blockage is expelled {shad0}Let’s demonstrate using the metabolic diagram {shad0}These are the metabolic pathways that connect with cells {shad0}Digestive system {shad0}Respiratory system {shad0}Genital system, Urinary system and Skin system {shad0}Actually only digestive system, respiratory system and urinary system are confirmed by modern medicine {shad0}But we added genital system and skin system {shad0}These are derived from clinical practices {shad0}So these are the five metabolic pathways {shad0}When the blockage in circulatory system is cleared out {shad0}Blocked substances are excreted through five systems {shad0}These systems all have exits of their own {shad0}Blocked substances are excreted through these exits, either in liquid for gas form {shad0}Let me explian in more detail {shad0}The digestive system has two exits: oral and rectal {shad0}The urinary system has one exit: urethral orifice {shad0}The respiratory system has two exits: mouth and nose {shad0}Female has one exit in genital system: vagina {shad0}The exit of skin system are all the pores in the entire skin area {shad0}These concludes all the exits of our metablic pathways {shad0}The core to treament is expelling the blockage in circulatory system {shad0}To evaluate if we expell it right {shad0}we just need to check if blockages are excreted from these exits {shad0}So what are the blockages come out of these exits? {shad0}Almost all patients expell large amount of gas through anus {shad0}You might think that’s just the normal fart. Actually its quite different {shad0}A normal human farts about 5-6 times a day {shad0}Those patients fart more than 30 times within 2-3 hours after treatments {shad0}Apart from gas, some patients expell solid components out of anus as well {shad0}Those are not the normal poo {shad0}They are blocked substances in circulatory system {shad0}Some patients excrete dirt, some even excrete tumors {shad0}When tumors are excreted, they only have one layer of skin left {shad0}All the tumor cells inside are already gone {shad0}There’re lots of other substances get excreted through anus {shad0}Next, let’s look at mouth. Hiccup {shad0}Usually we hiccup after meal {shad0}But this hiccup happen all the time after treatment {shad0}it dosen’t even come out of stomach {shad0}We’ll demonstrate it during actual practice later {shad0}Some patients even hiccup for more than 50-60 times within one day after treatment {shad0}Other excretions from mouth include sneeze and yawn {shad0}They usually happen several times more than normal sneeze and yawn does {shad0}Some patients vomit after treatments. {shad0}One students ask me last time: Dr. Liu, why are all these excretions so similar? {shad0}That’s because we only have three states of matters in our body: solid, liquid and gaseous {shad0}All excretions are in these three forms {shad0}OK. Let’s look at urethra next {shad0}All patients expell large amount of urine during and after treatments {shad0}It contains blocked substance which is excreted from circulation system {shad0}Some urine contains foam {shad0}Some urine has different color {shad0}Some is quite muddy {shad0}The appearance is quite different from normal urine {shad0}And the void volume is much more that the normal volume {shad0}A person usually urinate from 1000ml to 1500ml every day {shad0}But most of our patients urinate 6 times within 3 hours after treatment {shad0}The volume per void is usually from 350ml to 450ml {shad0}So the total volume should be around 2800ml within 3 hours {shad0}Do you think this is a normal void? {shad0}Absolutely not! {shad0}OK. Let’s talk about vagina next {shad0}Normally the excretion is menstrual blood {shad0}and it might be accompanied by the passage of clots {shad0}But if the patient has reproductive system disease {shad0}such as cancer and inflammation {shad0}The excretions from vagina are more complicated {shad0}such as large clots {shad0}with different color {shad0}Some are as hard as rock {shad0}Some patients even excrete sarcoma {shad0}with numerous protrusions or bumps {shad0}I can assue you it is nothing good {shad0}But I didn’t have time to diagnose the specific substance in it. {shad0}Next let’s talk about skin area {shad0}Our pore usually excretes sweat {shad0}Sweat is usually quite clear, with a little sodium chloride {shad0}It’s a little bit sticky {shad0}But our patients always sweat something different during treatment {shad0}That’s because these excretions are blockage in circulatory system {shad0}instead of normal metabolic waste {shad0}Let’s continue {shad0}Some of patient’s sweat are quite sticky {shad0}very sticky {shad0}some even smelly {shad0}quite smelly {shad0}And there’s other smell emanated from pore {shad0}All different kinds of smell {shad0}After treatment, we also see changes in skin tumors {shad0}Some skin tumors are endogenetic, they grow downwards {shad0}However, they grow upwards and appear on skin surface after treatments {shad0}And these tumors disappear eventually after more treatments {shad0}One of patients actually went to tumor hospital to seek surgical solution {shad0}He was told there’s no need anymore, as tumors were growing upwards now {shad0}And it was shrinking every day {shad0}Some other patients have eczema during treatments {shad0}One of my patient had lupus erythematosus when she first came {shad0}She had lots of red papules on her face and body during treatments {shad0}Itching and painful {shad0}But these red papules were quite different from normal papules {shad0}It takes a prolonged time for normal red papules to heal {shad0}But it only took these red papules one night to disapear {shad0}All these abnormal excretions only appeared during treatments {shad0}They all disappeared after blockage in circulatory systems are fully expelled {shad0}Next, let’s talk about extractions from nose {shad0}such as sneeze {shad0}and extractions from mouth {shad0}Mouth is the exit of both digestive system and respiratory system {shad0}Some patients cough grimy blood from lung {shad0}Some even excrete lumps {shad0}Some patients vomit grimy blood from stomach, which has a faint fishy odour {shad0}Some vomit lumps as well {shad0}These occur when pathways are built and blockages are excreted from circulatory system {shad0}As a doctor, you need to cure diseases from root {shad0}Chinese ancestors have found ways to reestablish homeostasis of cellular process {shad0}by building mebolic pathways using manual therapy {shad0}The metabolic process is key to self-repair {shad0}It’s simply a process of regeneration {shad0}When blockage is expelled through passways, new cells can be regenerated {shad0}Our ancestors said ‘Chinese medicine can cure any diseases’ {shad0}That’s because the theoretical basis of Chinese medicine is built on discharging blockage to restore health {shad0}Chinese medicine is scientific {shad0}Once pathways to excrete blockage is created {shad0}We can hear the sound of redundant liquid and gas substances being expelled from body {shad0}Chinese medicine call it blocked Qi and Blood {shad0}Actually it is the gas and liquid substance in circuatory system, ssuch as lymph fluid {shad0}Both patients and doctor can hear clearly during treatment {shad0}During our last demonstration session {shad0}Everyone in the room can hear the sound {shad0}Some of you might wonder what it actually sounds like {shad0}and how to differenciate the sound between Qi and Blood {shad0}The sound of Blood is quite similar to the sound of water flowing through water pipe {shad0}Its just like the sound of water {shad0}You need to enhance your hearing intensively, just like me {shad0}My hearing, vision and smell were all trained before {shad0}We not going to talk too much detail about this today {shad0}What does Qi sound like? {shad0}It sounds like ‘Gulu gulu gulu gulu gulu’ {shad0}It’s the sound of gas {shad0}Sometimes it is mixed with sound of liquid {shad0}You can differenciate them during our demonstation session later {shad0}All these metabolic pathways {shad0}induce Qi and Blood to flow towards abdomen {shad0}and distrubute it again {shad0}What do patients feel during treatments? {shad0}During treatments, patients can hear {shad0}gas and liquid substance flowing to abdomen {shad0}and excreted {shad0}through pathways {shad0}such as {shad0}Hiccup, fart and increase micturition {shad0}most patients excrete more than 2000ml urine {shad0}So what about hypertension patients? {shad0}What’s their manifestations when blockages are excreted {shad0}Let’s skip straight to results {shad0}Hypertension is cased by blockage in circulatory system {shad0}Using special manual therapy, we can expell blockage out of body {shad0}And cure hypertension from the root {shad0}As circualory system is blocked, metablic wastes cannot be expelled {shad0}We are expelling wastes by rebuilding pathways {shad0}That’s why this treatment can cure hypertension {shad0}After wastes are excreted out of circulatory system {shad0}Blood pressure is lowered instantly {shad0}As lots of patients said {shad0}’My blood pressure is lowered by hiccup and farting’ {shad0}No rebound {shad0}Because once the pathway is build {shad0}how can this part be blocked again {shad0}If blood pressure rises, it means this pathways is blocked again {shad0}Some students asked me during previous training session {shad0}’Once patency of circulatory system is reestablised {shad0}and homeostasis of metabolic process is restored {shad0}will we stop aging?’ {shad0}You can look at why human age first {shad0}It’s a process of assimilation and dissimilation {shad0}Dissimilation increases as we age {shad0}This is actually caused by {shad0}reduction in metabolic process {shad0}It’s the key to aging, sickness and death {shad0}But as we mentioned earlier {shad0}After metabolic pathways are built, the body growth could be reversed {shad0}It is highly possible {shad0}It can be easily explained using cellular mitosis {shad0}As we mentioned earlier {shad0}Cells start to call up for rescure when circulatory system is blocked by wastes {shad0}and they die eventually {shad0}This deterioration of ciculatory system {shad0}has dynamic impacts on mitosis {shad0}As we all know, our life depends on mitosis {shad0}We die as the progression of mitosis ends {shad0}It causes cells age and die {shad0}Some are researching the mitosis of tumor cells as it never stops {shad0}When we have time, I’ll explain {shad0}why it doesn’t end {shad0}Why the progression of cancer cell’s mitosis is disturbed {shad0}Why it can divide endlessly {shad0}I’ll explain next time as its so complicated {shad0}But once we create the metabolic pathways {shad0}the circulatory system is restored {shad0}As the result, number of mitosis increases {shad0}Because deterioration definetly {shad0}impacts cellular mitosis negatively {shad0}But when the cellular environment is restored {shad0}numbers of mitosis will increase {shad0}The hypothese is {shad0}we should be able to reverse age by using this manual therapy {shad0}During our clinical practices {shad0}lots of patients show signs of rejuvenation {shad0}not only their diseases are cured {shad0}We’ve monitored some patients for 7-8 years {shad0}Their diseases hasn’t appeared again {shad0}Some patients actually shows signs of rejuvenation {shad0}such as hair regrowth {shad0}and some other signs of rejuvenation {shad0}Taoist once said {shad0}’Immortals is created by reverse {shad0}human is created by obverse’ {shad0}It means if we follow the normal process of metabolism {shad0}as severity of blockages in circulatory system increases with age {shad0}cells keep on dividing and dying {shad0}eventually we die {shad0}But what if we don’t follow {shad0}what if we reverse this process using Chinese manual therapy {shad0}keep on reestablishing patency of circulatory sytems {shad0}and make sure the metabolic process is efficient {shad0}Can we actually reverse aging {shad0}We still need to research further into it {shad0}Some elder patients in their 60s and 70s {shad0}have dramatic improvements in their skin conditions {shad0}Their organs also show signs of rejuvenation {shad0}This theory is just for your learning reference {shad0}if you are interested in the rejuvenation topic {shad0}But I don’t recommend you dig too deep into it {shad0}As doctors, we should focus more on curing diseases instead {shad0}If you want to stop or even reverse aging {shad0}I will provide this to you as a theoretical framework

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