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Hi, my name is Dr. Kim Makoi. I’m a holistic
chiropractor, in San Francisco, and this is a little bit about the history of magnet therapy.
Magnet therapy was first pioneered in the 18th century, by Michael Faraday. Back in
that time, the dynamics of magnetics, and magnetism were still being explored. People
didn’t really understand what it was, or how it worked. They just knew that it was this
mysterious force, that could be observed, so as with electricity and other little understood
forces, people experimented with them, for health matters, and various things, and sure
enough, some of those things seems to work, so that’s where magnetism started, in the
healing industry, and even, there’s a little bit of magnetic healing history in the history
of chiropractic. D.D. Palmer, who founded chiropractic, first had a very successful
practice, as a magnetic healer, before moving on to chiropractic. Currently, there are many
products on the market, that help with magnetic healing, and the jury is still out, about
what a lot of them do. Some people even use simple magnets, you can find at home, like
a business card magnet, or refrigerator magnets, to see if it can help with their pain. A lot
of the magnets used in magnet therapy, are more potent, than the average household magnets.
They’re often rare earth magnets, and the potential uses for magnets in healing, are
still being explored, and that’s a little bit about the history of magnet healing.

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