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Hi, my name is Dr. Kim Makoi. I’m a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco, and this is how to do a gelatin juice fast. Basically,
you start with one tablespoon of powdered gelatin, and you mix it with a third of a
cup of hot water, and a quarter of a teaspoon of kelp powder, and then you mix that with
8-10 ounces of freshly juiced vegetable juice. The choice of vegetables is up to you. Carrot
juice is a very popular base vegetable, because it’s very palatable, and also high in antioxidants,
and you drink one of these gelatin and vegetable juice mixtures, three times a day, morning,
noon, and night. For the rest of the day, you’re free to have as much of the fresh squeezed
vegetable juice, without the gelatin, as you desire, and of course, make sure you’re getting
plenty of water as well. You can do this for as long as ten days, and that is basically,
how you do a gelatin fast.

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