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Hi, my name is Doctor Kim Makoi, I’m a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco and this is how to use an Oriental trigger points chart.
Most of the Oriental trigger point body works charts are actually points demonstrating points
along various meridians in the body. So if you’re using a chart, usually the points will
be labeled and there’s usually an area where you can refer to which area of the body the
point is supposed to stimulate or help support or which symptoms that may be relieved using
these points. And then the way to use the points – there’s lots of different ways to
address that. An acupuncturist of course would tend to put needles into the points. At home
the most common way to stimulate the points is to just use some manual pressure, just
holding onto the points for a good thirty to sixty seconds, sometimes even longer if
you’re having severe symptoms. Also another approach is to tape a little grain of rice
to the points and push on that periodically through the day and that little rice grain
will sometimes help to keep the points stimulated even when you’re not pushing it. Some people
also like to use a little laser pointer and just shine a little bit of a laser light on
it. Of course if you’re using a laser be very careful keeping it away from the eyes, but
basically that’s how you use a Chinese medicine acupressure or meridian point chart.

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