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Hi my name is Dr. Kim Makoi and I am a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco, California and this is how to clean your colon using
herbs. There are many herbal colon cleansing formulas on the market right now and if you
compare them you will find that almost all of them contain a common ingredient which
is cilium husks. Cilium husks are little husks from the cilium plant and they are basically
a form of fiber. They are safe. They are indigestible and what they do is basically scrape along
the colon and they help to pull debris out. So you can actually buy them in bulk at very
little cost at your health food store. When you are taking cilium husks you want to make
sure to always drink lots and lots of water because they will absorb the water and they
can actually make your problem worse if you don’t drink enough water so just a little
bit of cilium maybe a tablespoon or two with a couple cups of water is going to have a
cleansing effect on the colon. Some people like to use cilium husks very frequently over
the course of weeks. The longer you use them be aware that you will have to supplement
with probiotics to replenish your gut flora because over cleansing the colon can throw
the flora balance off so using cilium husks that’s how you do a colon cleanse using herbs.

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