Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi my name is Dr. Kim Makoi and I am a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco, California and this is how to cure a stiff neck. It is
important to figure out if possible what caused the stiff neck of course because that can
give you some clues about how to cure it. A lot of times it can happen especially in
the Winter time or the Spring or the Fall, sleeping in a drafty room at night can cause
a stiff neck and in that case you would want to make sure to wrap the neck in a warm scarf
or something that will keep the muscles nice and warm, often that will help. Sometimes
it is from staying in one position for too long, especially looking down such as working
with a computer all day or reading so in that case it is helpful sometimes to do what is
called isometric exercises. You can put your hands behind your head and press into your
hands, even if your head doesn’t actually move anywhere you are activating the muscles
that extend the neck which are usually the weak muscles so gentle exercises like the
isometrics pushing your head into your hand in the opposite direction of the stiffness
can help and avoid the urge to dig into the sore muscle too much. It can aggravate it
and sometimes very deep breathing will also help to relieve the muscles and that is how
to cure a stiff neck.

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