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Hi my name is Dr. Kim Makoi and I am a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco, California and this is how to use herbs to lower blood
pressure. The first thing to remember of course if you have high blood pressure is that you
should make sure that you are under the care of a medical doctor because it can be a very
serious condition and also if you are taking blood pressure medications make sure to consult
with your doctor to make sure that the herbs you are interested in are not going to conflict
with the medications that you are taking. So three of the safest things that have been
found to help with blood pressure are garlic, olive leaves and hawthorne and olive leaves
have been shown so far to be safe even for people who are on blood pressure medications
so you can take garlic is available in capsule form as a supplement but it is also a good
idea to just go ahead and start using it more and more in your general cooking as with the
olive leaf. Hawthorne is an herb and a berry which is usually found in capsule or tea form.
That is how you lower blood pressure using herbs.

2 thoughts on “Alternative Medicines for Common Ailments : How to Use Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

  1. Garlic has recently been studied more in depth and has been found to not significanty lower blood pressure, however it is useful for a variety of other reasons and should still be used as a herbal medicine for lowering the risk of certain types of cancer and heart ailments.

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