Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi I’m Dr. Andrea Libutti and this is
the autism journey video series I created this series of videos to help
address the challenges that come up along in our journey and specifically
meet the roadblocks head-on so I can save you lots of time and energy and
money and going through this process I hope that’s my intention anyway this is
roadblock number 4 alternative treatment options for autism yes or no a lot of
debate about alternative options for healing in general before I answer the
question though I want to take you on a little story of my own about
neurofeedback this was a really profound event that happened for me when I
started doing neurofeedback on myself now for those of you that don’t know
neurofeedback is basically brainwave training, you sit with electrodes on your
scalp and you’re watching a computer screen you’re either watching a video or
a game and your brainwaves are actually receiving feedback, positive or negative
about its particular state while you’re watching the screen and it trains your
brain to live in the more positive state than the negative, depending on which
area of the brain you’re training, so your brain can learn to live in a more
balanced state of homeostasis, lots of different applications for neurofeedback
obviously autism is one but ADD – ADHD post-traumatic stress disorder,
obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety depression, insomnia, peak performance,
really wide range of applications for neurofeedback. So my particular story
with neurofeedback was pretty powerful for me I had been certified in the
awesomer method which is EEG info in Woodland Hills California and I had been
doing all the basic neurofeedback sort of balancing myself and my family I had
bought the system and learned the system for my family
I think we could all benefit from it and after doing the basic neurofeedback I
decided to do alpha theta neurofeedback now alpha theta neurofeedback is very
specific for traumatic like reliving traumatic situations things that might
be blocked or repressed that you can’t get to because there’s too much
emotional overwhelm well I was doing this alpha theta session one night and I
had no idea what I was gonna get I knew that there were some things that I had
blocked from my childhood not that I had a horrible childhood but you know we all
have traumas that we go through mental emotional physical and on this
particular day that I went back to during the neurofeedback I’ll take you
to what I had always remembered before neurofeedback so I was four years old it
was a Saturday or Sunday morning and I was up before anybody else in the in the
household and I went into the living room and I was sitting on the sofa and
just above our sofa was an owl mobile now I’m not sure why we had an
automobile in our living room but we did and I wanted to touch it so I stacked up
all the sofa cushions and as you might expect I climbed on top and for just a
brief moment I stood there before I came crashing down into the corner of the
coffee table my head and you know four years old very vivid visceral feeling I
can still feel you know dripping down my face and how how fearful I was because
of what happened and I walked over to my parents bedroom door and I opened the
door and everything goes black like that part of my memory just got put away
somewhere and I could never get past that and I was always curious about that
because like what happened when I opened the door right but for whatever reason
my little four-year-old brain said nope too much we’re socking this way so
during an alpha SATA session I relived that I went through it I opened the door
and lo and behold the experience that I had blocked was crystal clear and you
know not to get into all the details it was a react
action that I guess was too overwhelming for me at the time but it made a lot of
sense to me as an adult as to why as a child I would have blocked that reaction
for my parents but needless to say it was really powerful in understanding
what happened when I opened that door and how neurofeedback helped me get to
that and you know processing the pieces of my own healing journey and one of the
reasons I’m bringing this up you know I’m talking about myself and not autism
is because I am a huge advocate okay a huge advocate for healing all of us okay
and not healing autism or fixing autism because I think that the wired
differently part of autism is a huge benefit to our families our society but
it’s the the unwellness the imbalance in our physical bodies our emotional bodies
our spiritual bodies that causes the problems and challenges in you know
living out our day to day lives and one of the reasons again that I use the
neurofeedback example is I have a lot of my own healing have a lot of my own
healing to do and thanks to my son with autism you know things shifted and
started pointing to me and my own inner inner health and well-being and you know
so I just think that alternative modalities are good for everyone now
there’s lots of modalities out there neurofeedback is one I love again for
the whole family for everybody who doesn’t have anxiety or issues or
insomnia or stress or you know whatever whatever the details of your own
particular issues are neurofeedback is great for that I also love any et which
is a allergy elimination technique using acupressure I loved acupuncture I loved
homeopathy I loved hyperbaric oxygen therapy so the point is this do I
recommend alternative therapies should you think about alternative therapies
absolutely now you’ll have to find a practitioner that you trust you
you know I like going by word of mouth what works for some people
and then meeting with the practitioner and seeing if it will be a good fit for
you or trying a couple of sessions and seeing if it helps the point is this
take your child for some alternative therapies not because of the autism but
because of imbalances and bring yourself along too because we all need a little
bit of help and alternative therapies offer a great safe effective way to
address restoring balance so I am dr. Andrea Libutti jump over to my website I’ve got a growing tribe of people that are having a
different conversation around autism this is an amazing population and they
have so much to offer we just have to dispel some of the myths around autism I
hope you’ll join me there and I really appreciate your time today

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