Taking Charge of Your Health

(bells chiming) – My name is Dr. Justin Reese, I am a naturopath, and also
a doctor of natural medicine, and I also own this facility, which is Quantum Alternative Health. The most important thing
that we have discovered is to be personable, to really understand where they’re at with their healing journey, to really share that journey with them just like a guide doesn’t just
tell you how to get there, they walk with you there. Complementary medicine, without a doubt, is a robust tool for healing, for bringing life back into our bodies, improving our wellness,
and restoring vibrance. Typical day in our office, we’re doing, of course,
the quantum bio feedback that we do here, nutrition, homeopathy, we do massage, chiropractic in here, low-level laser therapy, detoxifying foot baths. Because of the education that I receive from Quantum University
and the credentials, it allows me to do functional testing like for instance, saliva hormone testing, or nutritional blood testing, so it allows me a very
well-rounded approach to providing for the
needs of the community. I think that is gonna be the first place people turn before they turn to more of a conventional medicine
that just simply looks at symptoms and just blocking symptoms, but not really healing the person. About three or four years ago, worked with a cancer
patient with breast cancer, stage two, and she absolutely wanted to only do natural, so she saw us. She did work with an oncologist who we also worked with and he agreed to allow her
to go completely natural and just be monitored, so we changed her diet, we worked with doing biofeedback therapy, doing cancer wipes, so visualizing eradicating your cancer so using the mind to help fight cancer, and of course nutrition. Changed her lifestyle, and the cancer spontaneously died. It makes me feel really good
that we were able to help somebody who went from
such a bad situation to vibrance again. It gets such good results, people know they’re
actually getting better, they know that they’re healing. I would without a doubt, recommend Quantum University for somebody who is interested in getting involved with natural medicine. It has absolutely changed my life and has changed many
people’s lives around me. This is the future. – [Announcer] Visit for more information about our innovative
health care education.

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