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Sleep is essential and unavoidable for a person’s health & well being Happiness, Unhappiness, strength, weakness, nourishment, emaciation, vitality, sterility, knowledge and ignorance all is based on ones sleep Impotency and decrease in sperm count also occurs due to improper sleep Sleeping time is at night. Day sleeping is not advised sleeping in day time is advised in certain conditions like old age persons, Kids and when a person is exhausted by work If needed you can sit and sleep which doesn’t give the adverse effect of daytime sleep Also advised that even in night those suffering from neck problems, thyroid and poison hit person should not sleep Nowadays increase in thyroid may be due to excess of sleep in daytime Food should be taken lightly in a way to control excess sleep at daytime It is not necessary that how much hours slept is counted for good sleep How much time is not important, rejuvenation of body and mind to a healthy state important People are classified in to uthaman, madhyaman and adhaman Sleeping position tells character of persons. Utaman sleeps on their back and is always positive in attitude while adhaman sleeps on stomach and mostly lazy and madhyaman sleeps on sides and got a lackluster in nature. Mind works during sleep and this is cause for positions there are people who doesn’t sleep Satisfaction in doing things and happiness give good sleep If our mind is happy proper sleep comes for a proper period People who did night duty is advised to sleep in the morning before taking food. If he is awake for 3 hours he can sleep in the morning for 1 ½ hour which is enough If he kept awake for 1 ½ hour night , 45 minutes morning sleep is enough before taking food Nowadays a tendency is seen that taking heavy food late night and immediately goes to sleep which leads to indigestion and in turn gives so many diseases.

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