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Welcome, my name is Naina and I am an Ayurvedic
practitioner. I am here to tell you a little bit about what
an Ayurvedic malt is and how to take it. Amrutam are a company that have many malts
available for you to buy. They are amazing because they both treat disease
but can also be used as a supplement to maintain health. So this is the beautiful science of Ayurveda
in that it not only has a treatment aspect to it, but also works as preventative health. So what is an Ayurvedic malt? An Ayurvedic malt is a semi-solid mass, used
as a dosage form to deliver a spectrum of herbs in one complete dose. There are various components to the malt in
its making. There is a liquid component, a sugar component,
there are pastes mixed in there and also some condiments. So the sugar part of the malt enables it to
have good palatability. This means it’s going to be much easier
to take than some of those bitter herbs of Ayurveda if they were to be taken alone. What I find amazing about this is that it
allows us to use Ayurvedic medicine in our day to day life in a modern and convenient
way. You see, with Ayurvedic medicine there are
various amounts of types of medicine you can take such as powders, pastes, tablets and
they have to be taken at different times of the day. So malts are amazing because you can take
one complete dose just once a day. The malt not only carries medicine, it also
allows us to have a nourishing quality to the body, providing strength and vigour. So this is where it is really good for prevention
of disease and helping you to build immunity. So there is one important aspect when taking
Ayurvedic malts, and that is the vehicle in which you take it in. In Ayurveda there is something called Anupan. Anupan is basically the carrier, that carries
the ingredients in the medicine to the correct place in the body to work effectively. It is a bit like having five friends that
need to go into the city and work in different places. The vehicle that can take them there, if it
is just one vehicle it’s economical, and it means that they get delivered to the right
places. It’s the same when we take a malt. If we take the correct vehicle for medicine
and food, we give our body a better chance of absorbing and gaining the benefits of the
medicine that we are taking. Now, the interesting thing is that the type
of vehicle you will use to take your Ayurvedic malt will be different depending on your constitution. So in Ayurveda there is a concept called Prakriti,
and this is basically your unique constitution of who you are as a physical body. They describe this in terms of dosha. Dosha is a way to describe how different elements
operate in the body. There are three main dosas, vata, pitta & kapha. The vata dosha is more of the air element,
the pitta dosha is more of the fire element and the kapha dosha is more of the earth and
water element. So depending on your constitution, you will
be required to have the Ayurvedic malt with a different type of vehicle. If you are interested to know what your constitution
is, you can head to the Amrutam website where there is a dosha quiz. And in that you can find out what your predominant
dosha is. And you can choose the correct vehicle accordingly. So if you are a vata constitution you can
take the malt with some warm milk. If you are a pitta constitution you can take
the malt with some warm water, and if you of a kapha constitution you can just take
it on its own. So having these different types of vehicles
allows us to use the medicine in the most effective way. On the side of the pack you will notice there
are specific directions on how to take the malt, so do follow these because they are
according to the type of constitution that you are. Warm water is an all round good one to try. So if you are not sure on which vehicle to
use, you can just take it with warm water. But do remember that you can contact an Ayurvedic
practitioner or physician to gain more clarity on what your Prakriti might be, in order to
decide the right vehicle. Don’t forget you can also write into Amrutam
if you have any questions or concerns. So the vehicle is very important in taking
your Ayurvedic malt, so I do place a lot of emphasis on that if you really want to gain
the benefits from it. So I think, taking a malt is an amazing thing
because we’re so busy nowadays, it is nice to have something in a convenient dosage form. Another great thing about malts is that they
have a really long shelf life, so you can keep them stored away so you don’t have
to keep buying a new one. So I hope that this provided you with some
more clarity on what a malt is and how to take it. Watch out for the next video where I am going
to be discussing the Nari Sondarya malt from Amrutam, which is specifically for female
health. So do subscribe and join us in the next video
on how that malt is good for you and I am going to go through the ingredients and how
it works in the body. Bye for now! and look out for more videos
on the Amrutam YouTube channel.

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