Taking Charge of Your Health

My name is Nicola Mason and I’m an
associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary
Medicine I run a translational research
laboratory which focuses on cancer immunotherapies and our patient
population are mostly dogs he was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone
cancer called osteosarcoma it was devastating the outlook was pretty bleak
at the time the course of action is amputation and then follow-up
chemotherapy and even with that these survival times are about a year the
problem is the cells that have already peeled off the tumor and are hiding
somewhere and the idea of this new immunotherapy is to educate the
patient’s immune system to actually go and find those tumor cells and then
specifically eliminate them it’s through stuff that we’re doing here there’s not
very many labs that are doing this kind of thing we’re seeing them live out much
longer than expected Dexter coming up now to five years out
with no evidence of metastatic disease and that is half of his lifetime
osteosarcoma Moondogs is almost identical to the cancer in
children in every way with these very positive results we’re seeing in the dog
we might be able to translate that over into children and that would be
incredibly important we can learn from each other and if we do learn from each
other we can move forward faster in both human and veterinary medicine we’re five
years out now and things look really very good thank you
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