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In this video will explain about how to cure piles (hemorrhoids) / anal fissure pain and fistula pain by home remedy treatment without medicines. Today we see about piles (hemorrhoids pain) / anal fissure causes / fistula causes Main reasons for anal fissure / piles / fistula is created by constipation (Malasikkal in Tamil) due to indigestion problem Reason for constipation causes – Body heat during summer seasons especially and indigestion food eating habits. Don’t eat heavy food – Frequently eating spicy food especially summer season at night and eating heavy food that means wheat made food with spicy curry items ( chicken – non veg).. While pass try to release stool will not come easily due to above reasons and it will cause fissure while we give pressure at anal part get vein pain, get swell, and come out anal internal tissue that we can understand piles (Hemorrhoids) started. (Two types internal hemorrhoids & external hemorrhoids) Home remedy for piles and how to prevent piles : How to cure piles / how to cure fissure / how to prevent hemorrhoids pain / how to cure constipation
Eat more fruits especially banana and figs / drink more water as well as consume more liquid juice items especially at summer. Take 1 tsp of castor oil ( Alive oil ) place it your anal part by use your finger internal / external before sleep and place it three drops castor oil at stomach part before sleep. Drink coconut water especially at summer season it will cool your body and good for health / Take 20 gm fenugreek keep it water in a bowl entire night and next day morning to take consume fenugreek and its water. You will get good result… Hope this video will useful for everyone.
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