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Hello Ma’am. Hello! Tell me your name please. My name is Vaishali Deshpande. I came from Vasai. Mumbai? Yes. He is my son. He had a problem of fistula. All Doctors told that operation is the only option for its treatment. So for this I searched on YouTube and while searching saw an ad of Planet Ayurveda by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I sent him a mail then. Through mail he told me that there is no need of operation. He will be 100% well with his Ayurvedic Medicines. In Thane there is a distributor by the name Ankita Bhatia. I bought medicines from her and gave to my son and within 2 hour his pain was relieved. In 7 days it was less and after 21 days he was totally fine. Okay. Now there is no problem. May I know your name? My name is Bhagya Deshpande. What is your age? I am 17 years old. What was the problem you were suffering from? 2 months before, I had a problem of Fistula. I got to know about it when we went to Doctor and he clearly told me that I am suffering from Fistula problem. If pus formed is not eliminated within few days, then you will have to go through operation, as there is no other treatment. Okay. As my mother said, we bought Fistula Care Pack. It has benefits – as during walking, sleeping, and standing and especially going through staircase… As in college we used to go up and down via stairs that was the time during which I felt very bad pain. Even in college while sitting in class, attending lectures, I used to suffer from pain. The main thing is that it is very painful. Because of it I had to miss my lectures and practicals. I was very much tensed, as Doctor told to go for operation, but because of this Fistula Care Pack, I got so much relief. Can you show the medicines that Doctor gave to you? Yes. In Fistula Care Pack the first medicine is Curcumin Capsules, which is a medicine of Turmeric and has to be taken – 2 capsules in the morning and evening. Other is Triphala Guggul, 2 tablets of which need to be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. Other one is Churna (Powder) which is Vara Churna which is to be taken in the morning and night. After this there is a Nirgundi Oil, this has to be applied on the affected area. How many times you applied it? I applied it in the morning and night time. With in how many days you found the results? Results were seen within 2 hours. Like, within 2 hours pain was gradually reducing and that gave me so much of relief. After 7 days it was reduced alot. After 21 days it was totally eliminated. Now I am feeling so good. It’s very good. All our blessings from the side of Planet Ayurveda are there with you that you proceed ahead towards your engineering. Further you should not get any problem so take these medicine. Thank you. Thank you.

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