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9 thoughts on “ANESTHESIOLOGIST Doctor REACTS to GREY’S ANATOMY – Medical Drama Review

  1. I've worked as a medical scribe for 10 months in a hospital setting |(ICU, surgical, in patient) and after my own medical crisis I've been PRN with being a record clerk at the local hospital. Maybe I've been lucky but the hospitals I've worked in honestly didn't have too terribly bad food. Going bi-weekly for treatment at an infusion center didn't have too terribly bad food either.

  2. What you mentioned about anaesthetist doing their own work isn’t the case in the UK ! We have a position called ODP (operating department practitioner) or a anaesthetic/recovery nurse, who do the drugs, blood gases etc 🙂

  3. I like how much you went into breaking news to patient loved ones. Season 12 episode 4 goes into this a little bit where the trauma attending “teaches” the interns how to break this news to the families and makes them do it. Which royally pisses Meredith off

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