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We all are bombarded with so many different
free radicals that essentially damage our DNA, and that’s why we get increased cancer
risks when we get oxidated damage. And so getting as many antioxidants in your body
as possible is really, really useful. There are things like CoQ10 is a really common one.
This tends to have a lot of cardiac benefits. This is a liquid one that they have here that’s
actually a natural form of mixed gamma tocopherols that I love because a lot of people just don’t
like pills, and they’re kind of big vitamin Es. They’re like the big soft gel caps.
So you know, one dropper full of this is 400 IUs, and that’s really easy to just drop
into anything else. This is a nice full spectrum, natural vitamin E. Vitamin E also has some
blood thinning effects. It’s really neuro-protective. It does protect against oxidative damage,
just like all the antioxidants do. It really helps protect your red blood cells and your
white blood cells. And so in that way, it kind of prevents anemia because your cells
don’t break as easily and keeps immune functions strong. And let’s see. It keeps your blood
from being sticky. There’s a very anti-platelet, an anti-inflammatory effect to vitamin E.
I think it’s really useful. Vitamin C is our classic. It’s another good antioxidant.
Lots of different forms, but boosts immunity, keeps our skin intact, promotes healing of
skin cartilage, blood vessels and joints. It’s a good fatigue fighter. Not a lot of
people know, but vitamin C is really important in adrenal health and production of cellular
energy, and it also helps prevent iron deficiency anemia because it helps absorb iron. So in
those three ways, it can really improve energy. And it does protect against heart disease.
Linus Pauling talked a lot about this. It actually helps clean out the arteries and
it helps keep LDLs from oxidizing, and it’s very anti-carcinogenic. In order to get the
kind of cardio-protective effects of C, you’ve got to really dose higher. So like general
immune stuff. One to three grams a day. Like, vitamin C for cardiovascular protective effects,
you’ll see more like six to ten grams a day. You’ve got to do divided doses. That
will definitely induce a loose stool if you just kind of start with that for most people.
And some people still couldn’t tolerate that much orally and will do it IV, but most
people will tolerate that just fine. So takeaway for vitamin C is supports immunity, healthy
stress response, decreases allergies, promotes good energy, keeps our skin vessels, joints,
and muscles healthy. And it’s protective against cardiovascular disease and cancer.
A couple things about CoQ10. Oh, anyone on a statin needs to be on CoQ10. I don’t know
why this isn’t public information or why it’s just not on every statin label. Statins
are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. They stop the production of CoQ10 in the body. So there’s
other ways that I would much prefer to get people’s cholesterols level down, but if
they’re going to be on a statin, they really need to be taking CoQ10 — at least 200 milligrams
a day. And there’s zero toxicity to CoQ10. It’s just expensive. So you can dose 400,
800 milligrams a day. Have at it. I say at least 200 milligrams a day. And then alpha
lipoic acid is a universal antioxidant that increases energy, but it’s also really great
for diabetics in particular because it really helps with nerve damage and it helps with
glycosylation reactions, which are reactions when there’s too much sugar in the body
and there’s proteins that start cross-linking. This happens a lot with uncontrolled sugar
issues, and so alpha lipoic acid is ideal for a diabetic person, but it’s great for
all of us as we age. The unique thing about alpha lipoic acid is that it’s both water
and fat soluble, where usually like, vitamin C’s water soluble, vitamin E’s fat soluble,
alpha lipoic acid does both. And they all kind of help recycle each other and work synergistically,
so it’s kind of nice, too. For alpha lipoic acid, I think 600 milligrams is a good dose.

12 thoughts on “Antioxidant Supplements Like CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid Improve Health

  1. i would love a video on the most healthy makeup/skin care- i know a lot of wemon that take care of them selves but dont take into consideration the cosmetics they use- the skin being the largest organs sucks everything in- cover fx has a omega 3 primer with lots of anitoxdents in it so after doing a little a little homework i found a few – if you could post a list thats good for the skin- as far as anti age is concerned i know gals and guys that would line up to watch your videos-x shelly

  2. @magicadespell56 There is one skin care product I can recommend because it's manufactured by a good friend of mine and she is quite the purisit. It is a mircodermabrasion product, and I've used it, and it's quite good. You can also watch the video on her website, which I produced. Go to microdermx (dot) com

    Maybe later I can do some videos on skin care. Thank you for the suggestion. 🙂

  3. AWESOME VID! You answered a lot of the questions I had regarding supplements I'm currently taking. Many thanks.

  4. Very informative! So thankful for these videos. I get confused about (g) vs mg though. For instance; I'd like to have more enrgy and up the dose of vitamin c, but I take in pill form and each one is 500mg. I take 2 per day right now.

  5. Glad I found this video. Which of the Antioxidants is recommended for someone with Crohn's? Remember Crohn's is a disease that makes it hard for the digestive area to absorb nutrients so I would be interested in the one that would be easiest to absorb.

  6. I make all my facial line as well as other products loaded with vitamins. I understand that the vitamins and minerals in or food are nothing by time of arrival, also my water depleted due to RO! But then I look at all these supplements and wonder, except for iron, multi, probiotic… I mean  don't have half of what is listed here, yet my cupboard upstairs +2 downstairs and shelf is full! I heard this is not right as your body will eventually stop making them naturally??? It is a business, and impossible to take everything on counter!

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