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– Eigil0, I think you are
slowly turning me gay. I might unsub, love the videos though. (dance music) Hey guys, excited to jump back into the comments section. Let’s see what you gave me this week. Fedora Miaza, dear Dr. Mike, what happens if I get struck by lightning? I think you get severely burned. A lightning strike because
of electrical activity can also stop your heart but I know people who have gotten struck by lightning at least from the news, and survived. I’ve never seen a patient
get struck by lightning. I think the odds are something like one in 4,000 that you can
get struck by lightning. We need to look that up. I’ll pop it up on screen in my edit, Should a doctor treat relatives or patients that they know? If yes, how would it affect their objectivity and judgement? It depends on the doctor. Some doctors can still be objective in treating their friends and family. Not ideal, because again you can make some bad decisions when treating your friends or family. In fact, my dad whenever I was ill even though he’s a doctor he would always take me to see another doctor because he would say
like another set of eyes that’s not biased, that
doesn’t see you every day. They can sort of catch things that maybe his eye won’t catch and I agree with that. Lois de Boer, career economics sentence farmer judge stroke burning attributes slam intense frankly. Truth be told, George Washington’s pet puppy came at the
light of the bookshelf on the TV stand who stood upon the wires microphone et cetera. Hope that answered your question. (laughs) What was that? Karen Apellaniz, hey Dr.
Mike you are awesome. Thank you. I was wondering what body fat percentage is too low for men or for women. We hear a lot about being overweight but commonly not about being too thin. You look at Instagram and some of these physiques that you see,
they’re not realistic. One of two things is happening. You’re either getting really extremely plastic surgery or you’re photoshopping yourself to look thinner
than you actually are. Now, the way that you should look at it is not some much by
body fat but looking at your BMI which compares your height to your weight and
there’s a chart for this where you can actually see your height and then match your weight and see what number you are. 18.5 to 24.9 is the normal range. Anything above 24.9 to 30 is overweight, above 30 is obese, below
18.5 is underweight. See where you fall in that little range and then go talk to your doctor and have a conversation about it. Please make a podcast. I would love to learn new things from you during my commute. Salls, I want to make a podcast. I feel like I have a lot to say. I’ve learned a lot on my journey and while this is a great way for us to communicate, I feel like a podcast where I could sort of
just tell you how I feel and talk about some current events, maybe have some guests on the show and have interesting conversations, that’s something I’m excited about. Maybe Salls, you could do me a favor. You could write a comment down below and say anyone who wants Dr. Mike to start a podcast, upvote this. I’m going to give you a challenge. 20,000 upvotes, I will begin the process of starting a podcast. The challenge has been given. Megan Meyer, hey Dr. Mike,
does Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance? Lightning McQueen. Lightning McQueen sounds like a character from one of those things, Cars. God, I’m so out of touch with reality. That’s what happens you’re trapped in a hospital all day. If it’s a car, I would say car insurance because if a car dies the life insurance company is going to sue
the car insurance company and it’s a whole lot of insurance nonsense and I hate insurance. This is why lawyers make so much money and doctors don’t because they bill by like, the minute as opposed to doctors we’re all altruistic folks that just want to help everybody. Not hating on lawyers, you
do some great work also. Do you have doctor related dreams? For example, do you dream about medical procedures, surgeries, et cetera? Actually, Allison, I’ve
had some dreams like that and they were nightmares. Like, I would go in to inject a knee with steroids for someone who has really bad osteoarthritis and when I would start injecting the steroid the knee just starts swelling like crazy and
blood goes everywhere and it was a legitimate nightmare that I had over and over
again during my training. I have no idea why. HJK, hi Dr. Mike. What is the science behind
being lactose and tolerant? I think you mean lactose
intolerant, but I get it. I am lactose intolerant and I have been trying to drink milk more often to help get my body liking it again. Can that actually work? Thank you. Not a good idea because your body is already saying that
it doesn’t like milk. When you’re lactose intolerant, you’re not having an autoimmune reaction. You’re just missing the
enzyme that breaks down the sugar component of
milk which is lactose and the enzyme that
you’re missing is lactase. Sometimes people do well with a pill form of the enzyme lactase. It doesn’t work for everybody and it’s sort of hit or miss. My advice would be just
to skip out on dairy foods as often as possible. Make sure you’re getting
calcium and Vitamin D from other sources because usually that’s one of the main sources
of calcium and Vitamin D for most folks, but if
you’re going to enjoy some cheese, some pizza, some cereal make sure you do it when no one’s around. I know those symptoms can be rough. (laughs) How do I tell my doctor I have depression because when I start to bring it up I get anxiety and just back out? Well, Angela, this is
sort of the doctor’s job. They’re supposed to make
your feel comfortable. They’re supposed to ask you some guided questions to allow you to express the way you feel without
making you feel uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean there’s
nothing to do on your part. You should still really work to make sure that your feelings come out honestly, openly, and truthfully
because when you do that not only will you get
a big sense of relief by just getting that
information out there, but then with that information the doctor can then go ahead and help you. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they’re going to prescribe you a medication. So many people are afraid
that, oh the doctor’s just going to tell me to take a pill and I don’t want to take a pill. There are a lot of
treatments for depression that are not just pharmacologic. Don’t feel down, Angela. Stay confident, tell
your doctor the truth. Be honest and open and reap the benefits of getting your treatment. Kelly Kawaguchi, does apple cider vinegar really have all the
benefits that people claim? No! Apple cider vinegar is
not the next coming. Honestly, I blame the media for this. Someone came up with some study that showed that in
mice there was a slight decrease in blood sugar
levels in diabetic mice and now they claim that apple
cider vinegar cures all. It does not. I do need to do a little bit more research to find out exactly how
it effects each condition, but I promise you it does
not solve every problem and you shouldn’t use it as
a cure all for everything. In fact, I’ve seen some patients use it and actually have some stomach upset and have some other problems develop as a result of using it. Hey Dr. Mike, how often should you shower for someone with eczema or dandruff? Well, Cheeseguyguyguy1,
if you have dandruff using a shampoo that is specifically anti-dandruff shampoo is ideal. You could also use some natural oils like tea tree oil or
manuka oil or coconut oil. I’ve seen some good results with that. If you shower very often,
for someone who has eczema you can overly dry out your skin and cause eczema symptoms to get worse. Also very important that
when you’re susceptible to eczema and you want to dry yourself after the shower, don’t rub your skin. Just pat yourself dry so you don’t irritate the skin anymore
than it needs to be. Hey Dr. Mike, I’m curious. What is the most embarrassing
moment of your life? Munise, I’ve said this
before and I’ll say it again and it’s sad so get ready for a sad story. I was four years old and my brain had just turned on because I was making memories and I remember this. I was in pre-k and it was nap time and I pooped my pants a little bit. I had diarrhea and in Russia, since they were very
strict and disciplinarian if you will, they made
me walk around naked while they washed my
underwear in the water fountain in the sink and another teacher walked in just as they were doing that and I had to stand there naked. Cold, it was cold too. And they were cleaning out my poop. It was very embarrassing. That moment stuck with me. I will never poop my pants again until maybe I’m very, very old and I’m incontinent and at which point I will wear diapers so I don’t have to wash my underwear and I’ll make sure nobody has to see me nude except my nurse, or my caretaker, or my
doctor, or my family members. This has turned into a weird story from a sad story and I’m
sorry you had to hear this. (laughs) I love responding and
reading your comments. You guys crack me up with your questions. I love trying these new formats also, so if you have a format that you’ve seen somewhere else or maybe you’ve created in your mind and you want me to do it, drop me a line down below in the comments because I don’t only
just respond to comments in videos like this, I also jump into the comments sections and respond directly to folks. As always, stay happy and healthy. (upbeat dance music)

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