Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi everyone, I’m Allysha and I’m a recent graduate of the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism. What comes to mind when
you think of the School of HRT? Maybe Culinary Management? Great program, but there’s much
more to the School of HRT. We have many programs such as: Sport Management, Fitness and Health Promotion, Massage Therapy and Baking and Pastry Management. Are you ready to see the
School of HRT in 90 seconds? Let’s go! ALLYSHA:
The School of HRT has various state-of-the-art labs
and teaching facilities, such as Fitness Studios
for our Recreation programs, state-of-the-art Culinary Labs similar to what
you’d see in the industry, and the Humber Room, a training restaurant
open to the public. RANDY:
The facility is great! We have very specific classrooms for different programs. ♪MUSIC♪ ALLYSHA:
The School of HRT has various internships and international
training opportunities. For my program,
I did a fitness internship at a military base. ALEJANDRA:
My internship really prepared me because it gives you different tools. ALLYSHA:
See what I mean? ♪MUSIC♪ ALLYSHA:
We have world-class faculty that bring industry expertise
and connections to our learning. AARON: The chefs are complete professionals and they love what they do
and they make the students want to love what they do. ♪MUSIC♪ ALLYSHA:
Feeling inspired? Click here to see videos of our different programs in the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism. See you in class! ♪MUSIC♪

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