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Hello world Female model today “Are you okay?”
“Yes, I am” In Japan, a new name of the Japanese year was announced “令和 (Reiwa)” “Excuse me” “Painful as I thought it would be” “I am using this stick since my fingers couldn’t reach. Kidney reflex here” “Swollen” “Painful” “Improve circulation by treating Kidney” Back to Reiwa, the Kanji looks very formal, uptight compared to Heisei (平成) A friend of mine I met the other day said, Reiwa won’t be used for Japanese comedy shows or band’s name, while Heisei was used 令(Rei) is used as in 命令 (order) or 律令 (law) … too formal, I guess hmm… However the song which was used as a source is beautiful “The time is a joyous month of an early spring, the air is beautiful, the wind is harmonious, the Ume trees are in bloom as if a beautiful lady is putting powder on in front of a mirror, and the orchids are fragrant like an incense over cloths dressing up bodies.” “Painful?”
“Not really” “The skin gets too hard?” I hadn’t seen this hardness Today’s video is 48 minutes long but hope you enjoy it to the last “Painful” “Upper teeth or upper jaw” “Someone who has a jaw arthritis should have a reaction here” “Tonsils” “Painful here?”
“No it is fine” “Eye reflex” “Gori gori” “This is ear” I was going to name this video “Gori gori Reflexology 2” but I chose ASMR ^ ^; If you have any good ideas for this video’s title, please write in the comment section ^ ^ I look forward to hearing from you guys ^ ^/ “Ear reflex” “Shoulder reflex. Trapezius” “Heavy Gori gori sound” “Lung, located under trapezius “Tickle” Working around thyroid reflex, located below neck reflex “It is stomach here” “Stomach, duodenum, pancreas” “Slippery” “Painful” “There is something here” Yutaka’s investigation Curious to know what’s there? Hard crystal deposits (waste matters) How I can get rid of them? 1. Massage well
2. Massage calves as well
3. Drink hot water “Painful” “Quite hard” “Painful there, too” “It is spleen” Working around large intestines Sleeping point on heel “Sugoi (amazing)” “Sleeping point here” “GORI” “Not so painful” “Here (Spleen) is painful” Thoracic / Lumbar “Lower back” “My lower back hurts so much” “Very tensed here” “Here” Uterus “Painful here, too”
“Rectum, here” “And it is inner hip joint” Arm “It is arm here” “Knee” My arm Outer hip joint Throat Lymph When I work around calves, I usually switch from cream to oil “A little painful” “A little hard here” Inner calf Women tend to feel pain here Very sleepy now… ^ ^; Working again a place I concern “Haa, painful” “Pain comes out even I am not applying a hard pressure” “Am I improved?” “In the beginning, there was not much pain, but now you feel pain only with fingers” “Maybe I should work other than finger cushions” I concern this hardness ^ ^; For the arch, it is advised to use a golf ball to massage. Just stand and roll the ball End of the left foot Right foot “Hard around here, same as the left foot” Adrenal gland, Kidney, Ureter tube, Bladder “There is some Gori (crunchy stuff)” Watching this video at night should make you very sleepy ^ ^; This video reminds me of might night TV shows ^ ^ “Painful here”
“Upper jaw” “Or upper teeth” “When you have(had) a cavity, it shows”
“I did on my right side. Cavity, filling” “Right side, in the back” “Yes right side, in the back” * Some says the nerves are crossed above neck, so the reflex zone on the feet (hands) are crossed Various opinion exists, though ^ ^; (Airplane passing) “Painful”
“Ear reflex, same as the left foot’s” “The skin is a little hard here, too” Sneeze Excuse me ^ ^;; “Wow”
“Heavy sound” “Trapezius” My arm “Painful” “Shoulder here” Gori goring around thyroid Stomach / Duodenum / Pancreas “Stomach reflex” “Same as the left foot, there is no reaction in the beginning, but pain comes out after a while” “It is here” “Very tensed” Keeping exploring… Gal bladder / Liver “Painful there”
“Liver reflex” Around large intestines “Here is stomach reflex, same as before, a little lower than the stomach reflex? is it stomach (almost talking to myself…)” “Making sound so loud” “It doesn”t stop” Thoracic / Lumbar “Lower back here”
“Painful” “I can see it is tensed” “It is here”
“Ah…” “Keep Gori goring is good for here” “Do you have any troubles around your lower back?”
“Yes I do” “My lower back hurts” “Uh, so painful” “I work with my fingers, the stick doesn’t reach the details” “Very hard here” Uterus Rectum “Rectum here” Arm My nostrils Knee Ovary Throat Lymph Are you still awake? We are finishing soon ^ ^; Thank you for watching! Mini Vlog
Threw a home party with my friends … and this is the only picture I have See you later 🙂

27 thoughts on “ASMR 足つぼ 3 | ASMR Reflexology 3

  1. Please make a compilation video of you using that flat part of the stick doing the middle part of the feet creating gori gori/jyori jyori sound.

    Like u did in 'bad reflexology' and 'reflexology changes only you'. That foot part that you said you also have gori gori sound but rarely find in others.

    You can watch it here also at 10:20

    Aah.. the video would be my everyday prayer before sleep.

  2. "Diagnostic Reflexology" – one of my favorite parts of your videos is you naming the parts of the body throughout the session and working on them so meticulously when you find something abnormal. So therapeutic just watching!

  3. As always, nice video with random topic from you. To be honest I like the 平成 name too even though I was born on 昭和 era?

  4. Another lovely video! I love reading the subs, but still managed to nod off for five minutes in the middle! ? Question:
    Why do you recommend drinking hot water instead of cold?
    Thank you again! I always get excited when you post! ?

  5. I suppose ladies tend to feel pain in their calves (rather than men) because of footwear structure? 19:25

    The visibility of 23:03 is lovely. ? One of the things I like about these videos is being able to see the pressure and length of the strokes.

  6. As always your foot reflexology videos are best. Keep going. Just a one question have you ever got someone who has got pain in all parts?

  7. Hi, why not something like "colored reflexology"? You could use some color felt pen on the foot of the model to indicate zones before massaging them. That would be good ASMR. Thank you again for your vdeos.

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