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Hello world Volunteered female model this time She seems to have reflexology a few times I started using an LED lighting from this video Does the sole look a little brighter? I hope it looks better… ^ ^: It has been cloudy/rainy in Yokohama for the past few weeks I forgot how it was like to be sunny It is said that it’s going to be a cold summer this year… I don’t know if it is good or bad I haven’t written anything about reflexology these days on this subs ^ ^; It is just like a blog… I went to a boba tea shop which opened recently in my neighborhood There had been long lines since they opened and I didn’t feel like waiting in the line. But there were less people at the time I went Basically I don’t go to a store I need to be in line ^ ^; The tea was delicious but I got bored, I left it in a fridge for a day. The tapioca became hard… I should have finished it earlier … ^ ^; This video’s title is “Reflexology X”, the X is “ten” as in iPhone X I am using my iPhone X to film videos but it has been almost two years This year’s iPhone will be iPhone XI or 11…? I think simply “iPhone” is better, without any numbers “It is very strange to hear the same sound from here that I hear all the time (from Yutaka’s videos)” Sudden subs “I will use this. I forgot to prepare” “Too late but here we go” Please enjoy the Gori Gori sound for a while… This stick is for making sound… But this flat surface is also good for pressing fingers’ edges also Raynor Massage, a massage channel I subscribed, uses the same shape stick he presses edges of thumb very finely I tried it on myself and found it very good since I don’t need a strong pressure to do it I will put a link to his video in the description Speaking of stick, I bought another stick recently It is a stick called “Kan-soku-bou (Kan foot stick)” based on “Kan-soku-hou (Kan’s foot method) I had been curious about the stick, I will introduce it when I do a live streaming in the future I might do a review of the product… I am not going to be a reviewing YouTuber, though Okay… the subs are finishing here… lol Please enjoy the rest of the video 🙂 Saving energy subs Towards the end of this video, there will be a sound of local summer festival Please note that there will be some music and announcement… Thank you for watching!

16 thoughts on “ASMR 足つぼ X | ASMR Reflexology X

  1. this kind of pressure you put makes me more sleepy it doesn't make my tingles go "itai" haha maybe my feet is just sensitive, anyway good job good sir ? ? ? zzzz

  2. Tapioca in tea? Madness. You should have video'd it so i can understand.
    Tapioca pudding yes, tea? WAAAAH?

  3. What do you think of raynor. It all looks very painful to me. Like pressing sensitive areas much too hard. They're sensitive because those areas are not supposed to have pressure on them. Like around nails area, or people would just buy small shoes as pain is good.

  4. That Raynor guy is interesting, but a bit of a hack. He jumps around doing random things and always works on the same people who always seem to be tight despite it.
    You seem methodical and complete about your process. Also you can see the blood flow by the red.

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