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Hello, there It’s been a time I didn’t see you How are you? Good So face treatment Okay Then prepare yourself for long, long, long treatment So, hmm We need to make something with your hair first Yes, and after it I will check your face Mm-hmm By the way, your hair is so nice But we will appreciate them next time And now, we will use it just to remove them from your beautiful face Mm-hmm. Ready? Okay So Okay Everything seems good, but I think I need to use comb I will use comb just to remove some just a couple hairs from your face I think, here Just a little bit Behind your ear, here You know, they are so silky Yes It’s hard to deal with them But don’t worry I just want to… to make your face clean from them I don’t want anything… I don’t want anything to disturb us, you know Okay, let’s check here And here Behind your ear Okay Mm-hmm, okay I think we’ll move forehead in just a couple Just a couple hairs Mm-hmm And let me check on your back to remove them from your neck And from the back of your neck Yes, I don’t want anything disturbs you today I’m still here, don’t worry I’m here Just checking your neck Okay, let me remove it Let me remove the hair from your back And here Let me remove Let me remove it Here Okay, don’t worry. I don’t touch your skin I’m very, very careful and gentle I know you worry about it So today I will use some gloves if you want Or maybe, if you like natural touches If you like the feel the warmth of my palms I can disinfect my hands, but now I’m just working with hair I hope you don’t mind Okay Very good I just want you feel comfortable today So I’m here again Okay, here we go So what we need to do right now is to check the condition of your skin Yes, it’s very important Mm-hmm And based on it we will pick the procedure for you for today Yes So I will use my gloves Mm-hmm And We will make your skin test You know We have enough time We will not hurry up We will take our time Mm-hmm I don’t have appointments for today any more so I’m yours today Yes, we will start with gloves But I think for massage I will disinfect my hands For you to feel the warmth of my fingers Yes, and I think it’s good to make massage with hands without gloves because oil has to be warm Yes So let’s check your face If you want, you can close your eyes If you If you don’t feel comfortable but usually it’s relaxing procedure Usually it’s relaxing I just want to look I just want to look at your forehead We will not hurry up Okay Let’s check on this side Good Okay, I don’t see… I don’t see irritations on your forehead Just some blackheads But not so many, don’t worry Mm-hmm So, we can easily remove them today Yes, it’s a very common problem Don’t worry Most people Most of my clients Most customers Most of our customers have such a problem and it’s completely normal Also as I can see, you have… You have combined type of skin Mostly oily But I can have… I can see some peelings For example, on your nose and on your cheek Let’s look here Good Let’s check your nose I can see some wide pores Okay On your chin Blackheads as well But But as I told you there is nothing to worry about because a lot of people have it And you know Many, many years ago Centuries ago When people didn’t have moisturizing creams or lotions Oily skin protected them Yes, from frost wind And we have to appreciate it because it always helped people But now, of course we have an opportunity to make face treatments So We can solve that problem And also, as I can see, you don’t have rosacea That’s very good It means that today we can make a deeply cleansing of your face with steamer Yes, with steamer and peeling So It will be very effective against blackheads, against some pimples Mm-hmm Mm-hmm, very good So So let’s start with cleansing And I will use cleansing foam for you And I will just apply it on all your face, and massage it a little bit And you can close your eyes And here Good And here Okay Of course, your chin And let me clean your ears as well Yes, today we will take care of your ears too Because They need our attention too And this ear as well And in the back, behind your ear And here too behind your ear Pleasant? I know I like it too Okay Mm-hmm You may feel some tingles I know you’re very sensitive about it Don’t worry, I don’t judge You know, some of my customers fall asleep during my procedure And it’s okay I even like it, because it means that they really enjoy it and that’s very important Mm-hmm, very good And now let’s wash it Let’s wash it Mm-hmm, I will take this sponge and will gently wash it from your… Gently wash it from your face Like this And here And here Okay Here Good From your nose From your chin Good Here, okay And of course, from your ear Don’t worry I didn’t apply anything inside your ears Yes, we only cleaned your auricle By the way, we have a special procedure It’s called “Ear Cleaning” And you can go there If you like such things, you can visit us! And we can make it for you as well And on your neck of course Yes, today we will take care of your neck as well Mm-hmm, very good And now, I’m taking my gloves off Because for the next procedure I will need to use my hands But I will disinfect them, don’t worry Mm-hmm And I will rub it between my palms Why I will need my hands? Because we will use a special type of peeling, now Yes, this one And during that stage I will need to feel your skin because the pieces of your skin will be peeled with it And I can feel where you need more I will massage the places then where you need peeling So that’s why I will need to feel your skin I hope you understand I’m not sure… So let’s start I will rub that peeling a little bit Mm-hmm And now I will just apply it on your skin Like this, and massage it Massage it a little bit Let’s make it Let’s make it on that side And And on this side as well Here And you can see the small pieces of your skin on my fingers You see? Yes, this is already dead skin Yes And now, your body will start to produce a new one And your skin will look fresh after it Mm-hmm Let’s continue on your forehead Here Mm-hmm Okay, and now I would like to use that massager Just for more deep cleansing with that peeling And here On your cheek On your forehead Very good And here On your neck No, I don’t use every product for your neck because the skin on your neck usually is sensitive So It’s just for safety reasons because maybe you have some allergies I remember you don’t, but we will not risk Okay And let’s massage your ear Okay And this ear too Mm-hmm, very good So, that massager removed almost every extra skin Mm-hmm, from your face And now I will use I will use tonic with rose water And we will remove the rest of peeling from your face And also, we will prepare your face for steamer And I will take cotton pads Now I want to apply tonic on your face Mm-hmm And here Okay Of course, your ears Of course Your neck Okay, good And now I turned the light off because it’s going to be a very, very relaxing procedure I will use steamer for you Mm-hmm, to open up your pores and to relax you a little bit So, you can close your eyes And now And now you can enjoy everything You can enjoy the steamer You can enjoy the sound And everything And, of course we will use it for your ears Like this And on this ear Like that Like this And, of course, mostly for your face And I think it’s really relaxing It can be really relaxing Oh I have to change one of my candles candle That’s okay Don’t worry Okay, close your eyes And just enjoy the steam steam steam, steam And also, you can see And now, I turned that light on On that steamer Again, you can follow it Here Okay So, how was it? Mm, quite relaxing. Mm-hmm Okay, and now let me remove extra water from your face Mm-hmm I will take a q-tip and just just remove something here Mm-hmm And here we go Here Here we go Okay, and from your ear Here And here Very good Okay, I fixed the candle Very good Okay, so now you are ready for deep cleansing And And I will use special tools for it Don’t worry, they are disinfected And, of course, I will need to put my gloves on again Mm-hmm That’s okay You know, I don’t like to put it on very much so much But it’s necessary for safety reason, I know And also, it makes a really, really good sound Okay So, we will not use very, very dangerous ones For example For example, like this one No, we don’t need this today because you don’t have big pimples We will use something Or, for example, this one Looks very, very scary We will use something like this one And let’s disinfect it one more time Don’t worry I will not hurt you We don’t have much what to work with Just a few blackheads, and this is completely okay I will remove them very fast And very easy And with no pain, I promise Mm-hmm Very good And also And also, I will extra disinfect the parts of your face where we need to remove blackheads Your forehead Your nose And your chin That’s okay Does it hurt? No, okay And let’s start with your Let’s start with your forehead Like this Okay This one And this one, as well Good Here we go, this one And here And I know sometimes it can make us upset Such problems Sometimes it can make us upset, such problems with skin, but there is nothing to worry about Now we can solve them very, very easy Something strange is going on with that new candle as you can see I hope it’s safe Anyway, the exit is near Don’t worry Yes, right here So, maybe that’s why you can hear cars sometimes I hope it’s not very disturbing I hope it’s not very disturbing for you Okay Let me look at your nose It’s so cute, and will be more cute And here And just a couple on your chin And this one Okay, very good Yes, that’s all That’s all Very, very fast. I told you And let’s disinfect it one more time Okay Good Okay, so The next step is going to be oil massage Mm-hmm I will not use much oil Yes, since you have combined type of skin we will not need a lot of oil Just a couple drops will be enough Mm-hmm Okay, ready? You can close your eyes And I would like to massage your face Mm-hmm Here we go Here we go Okay And your neck Don’t forget to pay attention to your neck because it’s very important too And again, your face Like this Like this Again, your face Like this Okay Here we go Okay And let’s massage your ears Like this Slightly And behind your ear Of course, here we go Okay Good Mm-hmm And now let me remove the rest of the oil Very, very careful Like this Like this Mm-hmm, good Okay, time for a mask Right And today I would like to use for you this golden mask Golden peel-off mask And I think it’s going to be interesting Mm-hmm It’s a new one, especially for you Okay Smells good, by the way It smells good, and It smells good, and the surface looks so beautiful I don’t even want to ruin it But, okay Let’s use it for your face I will use that brush So, here we go Okay It looks like this, and let’s apply it on your face Like this Mm-hmm And maybe like this Mm-hmm Close your eyes And on your forehead Okay I don’t apply it around your eyes Just on your chin, on your cheeks and and on your forehead Mm-hmm, very good Okay, let’s wait for five minutes And I think now I will use some scrub for your lips Yes it’s very important to clean your lips too To make a peeling for them Especially in winter, autumn In cold seasons So It looks like this And let me apply it on your lips This way And let me massage your lips Okay Very good Mm-hmm And now let’s remove the rest of the scrub Here Mm-hmm, very good And now please let me take care of your hands I’m going to apply some oil on your cuticles and massage your hands a little bit Okay Give me your left hand Mm-hmm, and right And now give me both hands and I will massage them I massage your every finger Around the cuticle Around every nail And And you can relax because, for example, I love hand massage very much Very good Here And here Good Very good And now And now let me make relaxing ear massage Just to relax you Right here Right now Right here Right now Okay, very good Okay So, let’s remove the mask from your face Like this And like this And here we go Very, very interesting Okay And let’s use that sponge Okay, let’s remove the rest of the water and mask with that cotton pad Here we go, very good Okay, then the next stage, the final stage is applying the cream And for you, I will use cream powder Mm-hmm It will moisturize your skin It will make you your skin matte And also It will look like powder on your skin So You will look like you already have foundation or powder Okay, let’s open it up It’s a new one Like this I will not apply much Just a couple drops And let’s apply it on your skin This way Mm-hmm, and let’s massage it Like this A little tapping Little tapping on your face Mm-hmm, very good And now you can rest for a little while, if you want I don’t have an appointment today, any more Yes, and I would like to make you… To make for you a short session of aromatherapy if you don’t mind For example, I would like to use such sticks I would like to use such sticks With vanilla fragrance Mm-hmm And I will add I will add a couple drops of essential oil in the water in my steamer I want… I will just try to relax you with that I will turn the light off again and you can close your eyes and relax Okay, I will put it near you I’m still here Don’t worry Okay And I added some oil Oil in the steamer And you can enjoy the smell The aroma Of that And you can close your eyes Close your eyes Close your eyes And just try to fall asleep Nobody will disturb you Nobody will disturb you You can just relax I would like to see you next time I hope you enjoyed that face treatment And also you can enjoy how the steamer changes color And it can be relaxing as well Right Like this Here we go Good night Good night Good night Like this And on this ear Like that Close your eyes Good night Good night

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