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100 thoughts on “ASMR Hair Treatment | Mic ON Brush | Oils & Crinkle Cap

  1. Very relaxing video . ..but so distracted by the 5 inch dark roots and extremely dry hair..emma I hope your oil will help her dry hair.

  2. I don't know why so many women are commenting on how she applied the oil. At least Nicole has her own hair. Most of y'all can't say the same.

  3. I’m gonna call that brush the “tingle guitar”

    Also those olive oil mister spray bottles work really well for hair oil too

  4. "Mmm thats lovely…its gliding…very smoothly… alll the way through.." ..mmm…. thats what she said 😉 sorry i had to.

  5. All asmrtists have cousins that they pamper. Why cant my cousin do that for me?! Can some asmrtist adopt me, please?

  6. Asmr cures my headaches in literally minutes im shook rn like omg tysm also asmr really helps my anxiety because at night i cant stop thinking and worrying and it calms me down alot, so thank you. 💗

  7. I'm currently pregnant and I watch this kinds of stuff litteraly every night. Only thing that can put me to sleep 😴 tysm! Such a great help for my sleep ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. Me: ( turns up volume because can’t really hear )
    Me: well I wonder why!!!!!

  9. I love your voice, but can you make a hair brushing, putting oil on scalp massaging, ONLY-NO TALKING? No crinkles, no other sound than hair brushing and massaging. Please? There are so many lulled to sleep by just that. And although there are others, no one does it better than you❤

  10. I would love for someone to brush my hair. My mother used to do that for me years ago when I was a child. I loved it so much and I miss it.

  11. I do not know if she is married or has a boyfriend? But who ever is involved with her is the most luckiest man in the world!

  12. I keep coming back to your hair videos – I've seen other ASMR hair videos and for some reason they come off creepy or don't do as good of a job. You always do the hair like a mother stroking her daughter's hair – so relaxing!

  13. I’ve rewatched this so many times I don’t even know how many!!! Could you please do some more mic on brushes?! And for the hair brushing part maybe not brush before filming? I love the knots and tangles!

  14. ur so lovely Emma! your videos cure my anxiety and stress after a long day, thank you so much!!

  15. Love this video but hate that she had her holding her arm up that long she’s supposed to be relaxing and ik her arm Is killing her

  16. This video is putting me straight to sleep, night Emma! Night nicole!

    (Btw… did someone fart at 25:06? 😅)

  17. If I have a kid, I'm gonna practise ASMR on them. I really feel like that would help to make them a really calm, peaceful and happy person or at least give them very fond loving affectionate memories. 😊

  18. It seems like I fail in watching this video until the end for a long period of time! xDD It takes 10-11 mins to ''log off''. Love your asmr!

  19. I was lying half a sleep with my headphones in listening to this and then she started to talk, it genuinely sounded like someone was talking down my right ear, I screamed and now everyone’s in a mood with me for waking them… fun times 🙃😢

  20. Hello Emma, i am italian and i don't speak very well the english but i can tell that watching your videos I'm learning more. I just would tell you that you are fantastic, watching you videos I got relax and many many times I sleep. And i can see the beautiful person you are inside. Good luck 🍀 for all

  21. Haters and/or trolls, if you don't like this video or others like it, then simply don't watch and definitely don't comment your hateful mean opinions.

  22. I would pay anything for this!!! I love watching these videos every night before I sleep! It’s so relaxing and I’m so thankful for the ASMR community! Thank you Emma!!!

  23. Not long ago my little cousin (who wants to be a hairdresser) asked me to braid her hair. While i was doing it i remembered this vid so when i was done i said "your turn!".
    Best 15 minutes ever

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