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100 thoughts on “ASMR Hand & Arm Treatment 🌟 w/ Peeling, Massage, Lotion & Tracing

  1. Good Day / Good Evening! 🤗 Welcome to another ASMR treatment session. This time hands and arms featuring Stephanie! This was a mixture of so much fun and crazy relaxing to make. I hope it brings you peace 💜 It definitely comes with lots of love XX Sweet dreams! XX
    Time stamps ✨ 00:09 – Intro 1:59 – Skin inspection 3:36 – Dry brushing 6:53 – Soft brushing 9:16 – Sponge smoothing 11:00 – Cleaning 14:24 – Tracing, drawing an outline of the hands 23:59 – A wipe clean mat 29:09 – Preparing the peel off mask 31:49 – Painting on the mask 43:09 – Peeling begins 50:43 – Painting on the cream 58:31 – fitting the gloves 59:53 – Creamy glove massage 1:04:43 – Peeling off the gloves 1:05:46 – Hand massage 1:11:55 – Tapping the skin 1:12:44 – Wiping the mat 1:13:41 – The end XX Goodbye, sweet dreams, goodnight XX

  2. I have never been a big fan of paper in asmr vids but this is just I absolutely loved that notebook and hand tracing!
    So good!
    Thanks Emma 💗

  3. Bloody brilliant as always!! Leaving this comment before the tingles take me away. You're amazing and if I were in England i would volunteer as tribute!! Hands, hair and body massages.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the whisper sound in this video! The best part I enjoy are the sounds of the tapping on that particular book along with the writing and page turning sounds.

  5. When you see that the hand model has amazing veins, you may be in the medical field!!
    #phlebotomy 😂😂😂

  6. Emma you are literally the G.O.A.T best asmrtist out here defo my go to asmr channel when I need relaxing or sleep, keep it up girl!

  7. Its almost 2am and im here watching this what is wrong wit me oh well I hope everyone has a restful sleep and remember dont worry about what people think if they cetch you watching something like it just say ya so its my phone not yours so get the eff out just saying anyway time to relax and enjoy the 📹 video #loveasmr

  8. Omg I thought this was Corrina from the YouTube channel Psychetruth ! I was omg is this the collaboration of my dreams lol

  9. Not only the tingles are great the images are also beautiful. Look at those hand drawing scenes at 20:00 ! It could be taken out of a good film!

  10. Recap:

    Two women in the vid…..microphone looks like a muff….

    I think I know what's going on here 👅

  11. If they just did the intro for the whole video I would fall alsleep it was very relaxing and so as the whole video.

  12. I love her to death but the new way she whispers isn’t doing it for me she used to speech in a low tone of voice now it makes me think of someone crewing with their mouth open 🤢 can only watch no talking videos now

  13. Seeing Stephanie not only participate in this, but also perform triggers herself made my heart happy. We love a supportive friend!

  14. Omg o wish i was the one getting thouse tingles in my hands😍and ummm….. i dont think you should ever here i snore…😖😖😳i feel bad for my self know why am i still talking……..

  15. I have tried falling asleep to many different people doing asmr and your the only one who’s videos work! I love all your videos and you have the most beautiful relaxing voice Xxx

  16. My favourite part was when you were speaking and running your finger on the glass and your friend was moving her fingers on the matt the layers where incredible and all sounded amazing together the sticky sounds of the matt were so nice

  17. I forgot abt asmr for a long time and just remembered it today and I’m so sensitive to it. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, staying up till 4am every night 😂 and this is making me tired, thank you

  18. Does anyone else find it SUPER soothing to hear like another calm person just breathe? Every time that Emma takes like deep breaths I always try to do them with her, it helps calm me even more. I would love it if she made a breathing exercise video, with maybe some positive affirmations in it! Idk just an idea, wanted to see what everyone else thought. Sending love 🙂

  19. This whole video is relaxing but is it weird that it was extra soothing watching Emma move Stephanie's hands to place the book down?

  20. How can a 14 yr old called life with mak get noticed by famous ppl like make Paul for asmr interviews but u don't geezz

  21. Me: Clicks on this video

    Ad: get your free cheese mother huckers

    Me: n o

    Ad: 👁👄👁

    Ppl with YouTube premium: FBI OPEN UP

    and that’s how I got in a war

  22. Can you please just make a real ASMR clinic we can all go to and experience ASMR!? That would be so awesome! 😊❤

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  24. She’s a really good friend for doing this. I would go nuts. I can watch it happen but would not be able o sit through this in real time

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