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Hello! I am Dr. Astro That’s a pleasure to meet you So… you are here right in time And as I can see, you are here for just a little cosmetic surgery, nothing difficult You will be able to return to your ordinary everyday life almost immediately after the procedure Do you agree to carry out this surgery today? That’s fine So… I don’t see some information about you in the card. Did you sign up for the appointment online? Oh, there is nothing to worry about If you have all your medical documents with you I will be able to fill the form right now Yes, like an insurance, your medical policy Thank you So, just give me a second, please Okay, that’s very good Good Thank you very much So.. Now I’m going just to tell you more about the surgery give you a picture what we plan to do and also after this I’ll make a basic check-up of your health condition. Is that OK? That’s perfect So when we finish with the check-up it will be necessary to prepare your arm for the surgery. We should start from shaving all hairs from this part of your shoulder And after this I’m going to prepare my own hands and also the skin on this part for the surgery We are going to use local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel any pain and you will be conscious, so if anything disturb you, you will be able to tell about this Good. Also after the procedure you should stay here for two or three hours. Just to be sure that everything is fine Also we’ll give you some anesthetic and the prescription for this So there will be no pain at all Do you have any quesions? Good, so, we can start But first of all I need you to left your signature here, that you agree with everything and I gave you right information about all of this Yes, you can read of course Thank you And also my signature too So now we are ready to start First of all I need you to sit comfortable I’m going to start from measuring of your temperature So just stay still Just a couple of seconds more Good, it should seems to be normal. And now I’m going to measure your heartbeat I’m going to give you this kind of a bracelet and show how you should sit to have right measurements , okay? I’m going to put this on this part of your arm here and you should put this on the same level with your heart OK? And just stay still, try to be relaxed breathe so deep as it comfortable for you, okay? So, I’m going to put this right here on your arm okay Very good Put this on your heart level And now, are you ready? So.. this seems to be normal OK, very good How do you feel? Perfect Try not to worry to much Now I’m going to hear your lungs, to be sure that everything is fine with your breathing I’m going to use with stethoscope Can you rise up your t-shirt please? Can you breath in? Once again, please Can you breath in and not breath out? And now breath out Perfect. Now I’m going just yes, can you turn on the seat? I’m going to hear your back, ok? So try not to move and breath in Once again Can you breath in? And now breath out Very good So it seems to be normal too as I can write in the card everything is fine You passed this check-up and we can start the preparing for the surgery So… I’m going to make some notes here and then we begin Very good, now we can start So, are you comfortable? That’s great If something disturb you just tell me, okay? So, I’ll start from the shaving, it’s can be a little bit cold don’t worry, try to relax Good Okay, I think what it’s enough foam and now I’m going just to shave it gently But I’m not going to hurt you, don’t worry okay okay, very good, I’m going to remove everything out with this towel okay, that’s fine Now I need to prepare my hands and the skin of your shoulder I start desinfection from my own hands And now your skin OK, that’s good So, now I’m going to put my gloves on and also the mask So, are you ready? I promise everything will be fine I’m a professional, just trust me If you want to say something just say it So, perfect It shouldn’t be painful You’re very brave How long? Oh, just a minute or maybe even less I’ll check the sensitivity of your skin before we can start Perfect Now I’m going to touch the skin on your shoulder If you’ve just stop to feel anything tell me Okay, very good, now I’m going to touch all surface of the skin of your shoulder If you never feel anything just tell me Here? No? Good Here? Here? Perfect So, we are ready to start Just try to be relaxed You can’t feel any pain, everything will be absolutely fine

25 thoughts on “ASMR Preparation For Cosmetic Surgery RP & Medical Role Play & Personal Attention (ENG, Soft Spoken)

  1. Ухты какая красивая работа, я уже и соскучился за твоими видео асмр)безусловно ставлю лайк, будет под что заснуть сегодня)))

  2. Как усыпляет zZz. И так много триггеров;) понравилось, что есть субтитры)

  3. Спасибо , уснул . Это наверное самый лучший комплимент для асмртиста 😀

  4. Смотрю с улыбкой на лице ты похожа на зайчиху из зверополиса))))

  5. Как всегда отличное видео, монтаж и, самое главное, триггеры и общее исполнение. Спасибо, что вы с нами. От вас веет таким теплом и добром и вы по-настоящему красивая. Почему вы не рассказываете о себе? Думаю, многим было бы интересно узнать из какого вы города и на кого учитесь)


  7. Love this video loads❤️ I made my first asmr video on my new asmr channel!! It's a sloppy lotion sounds video, Soo nervous:( please check it out if you like and if you want too please subscribe 🙂

  8. When everytime I search for the space cosmonaut it comes up here. Where is the space video? Everything except space but also asmr.

  9. привет, я поставил лайк, можешь поставить лайк под коментарий

    заранее пожалуйста
    (за просмотр)

  10. we miss you !! can you make a museum tour or a walk on the river bank ? or play a instrument while you talk over, maybe. love. lubov bolshoy !!

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