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Hello. I’m Dr Emma Gray, and I’m a psychologist
and hypnotherapist. Welcome to this hypnotherapy for sleep.
Now, I recently did a hypnotherapy for sleep session. But, in that, I used an ASMR whispering
voice. But, for some people, a soft-spoken voice, triggers a stronger ASMR. And because
ASMR triggers the release of the brain chemical, ‘melatonin’, which is important in the initiation
and quality of sleep, this particular video might be better for some people, in helping
them to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re interested and haven’t seen before
my previous video, you can watch it, here. And there’s always the option, of course,
to listen to both and to see which works best for you.
Okay, so, we’re going to begin this particular hypnosis with a visual induction.
Now, the thing to keep in mind about hypnosis—and this is important, particularly if you’ve
not experienced much hypnosis before—is that you are completely in control at all
times. Hypnosis is really a deep form of relaxation that allows us to speak directly to our subconscious
mind, which is much more open to suggestions and ideas than our conscious mind—there
are far less defences there. But, at any time during the hypnosis, you
can simply open your eyes, and you will be back here, completely in control. So there
is nothing to be afraid of. This should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but
one that you’re in control of. Okay, so, we’re going to begin with a relaxation
exercise that will prime your mind and body for the hypnosis, and then we’ll move on to
the hypnosis, which is specifically to help you to get a good night’s sleep—deep and
restful—from which you will wake fully rested and ready to face your day.
Okay, so, I’d like you to get comfortable on your bed, and just begin to focus on the
flame here. Okay. Draw all of your attention to it. And you are aware of other things,
other sounds and stimuli around you, but they begin to fade into the background as all of
your focus is drawn to the flame of the candle. And as you gaze into the flame, you will notice
your eyes beginning to feel tired, your eyelids heavy. It’s a pleasant feeling. You know that
you have nothing else to do today, but rest, and eventually sleep. Continue looking at
the flame. I’m going to count backwards now, from five to one, at which point you can close
your eyes. Okay.
Five… Four… Three… Two… And one… Close your eyes. And sink back onto your bed—into
your pillow. And I want you to begin breathing deeply and
slowly. Good. Before you let go completely and go into a
deep hypnotic state, just let yourself listen carefully to everything that I say to you.
It’s going to happen automatically, so you don’t need to think about that now. The muscles
in and around your eyes will relax all by themselves as you continue breathing—easily,
more freely. Without thinking about it, you will soon enter a deep, peaceful, hypnotic
trance without any effort at all. There is nothing important for your conscious mind
to do. There is nothing really important, except the activities of your subconscious
mind, and that can be just as automatic as dreaming—and you know how easily you can
forget your dreams when you awake. You’re responding very well. Without noticing
it, you have already altered your rate of breathing—you are breathing much more easily
and freely. And you are revealing signs that indicate you are beginning to drift into a
hypnotic trance. You can really enjoy relaxing more and more. And your subconscious mind
will listen to each word that I say. And it becomes less and less important for you to
consciously listen to my voice. Your subconscious mind can hear even if I whisper.
You are continuing to drift into a more detached state. As you examine privately, in your own
mind, secrets, feelings, sensations, and behaviour, you didn’t know you had. And, at the same
time, letting go completely, your own mind is solving that problem at your own pace.
Just as rapidly as it feels you are ready, you continue becoming more relaxed and comfortable
as you sit there with your eyes closed, as you experience that deepening comfort. You
don’t have to move, or talk, or let anything bother you, your own inner mind can respond
automatically to everything I tell you, and you will be pleasantly surprised with your
continuous progress. You are getting much closer to a deep, hypnotic
trance. And you are beginning to realise that you don’t care whether or not you are going
into a deep trance. Being in this peaceful state enables you to experience the comfort
of the hypnotic trance. Being hypnotised is always a very enjoyable, very pleasant, calm,
peaceful, completely relaxing experience; it seems natural to include hypnosis in your
future. Every time I hypnotise you, it keeps becoming
more enjoyable, and you continue experiencing more benefits, so you will really enjoy having
me hypnotise you. You will always enjoy the sensations of comfort, peacefulness, and calmness.
All the other sensations that come automatically from this wonderful experience, you will enjoy
too. You will be really happy that you decided to have me hypnotise you, as you continue
experiencing progressive understanding on your part. You are learning something about
yourself. You are developing your own techniques of therapy, without knowing you are developing
them, you can have it as a surprise sooner or later, a very pleasant surprise.
Now, imagine yourself in a place you like very much—by a lake, or an ocean, perhaps
you are floating gently on a sailboat, on a peaceful lake, on a warm summer day. You
are continuing to relax even more now, and you continue becoming more comfortable. This
is your own world that you like very much. And you are going to find that any time you
want to spend a few minutes by yourself relaxing and feeling comfortable and serene, you can
automatically go back to this feeling you are experiencing now. You can put yourself
into this world any time you like. There are times when you will want this serene feeling,
and it is yours whenever you want it. Continue enjoying this pleasant experience
as your subconscious mind is receiving everything I tell you. And you will be pleased, the way
you automatically respond to everything that I say.
Now, imagine you are on an escalator, an escalator that runs down the centre of a very large
department store, one upon which you are able to stand and gradually descend from floor
to floor. Imagine you are stepping onto the escalator on the very top floor of the department
store—and, as it happens, the very busiest floor of the department store. Notice the
hustle and bustle of the busy shoppers as the escalator slowly descends downwards towards
the next level. And, as it glides downwards, you feel yourself relaxing further, descending
with the escalator, into a deeper hypnotic trance, floating effortlessly towards a relaxation
so complete and comfortable that your mind and body will simply dissolve into a restful
sleep. As you pass through to the next floor, notice
that it is slightly less busy than the previous level. The noise level has softened slightly,
there are slightly less people, moving with slightly less urgency—a slower, more gentle
pace. Notice the motion of the escalator, gliding slowly and smoothly downwards. Notice
how your mind slows and calms with this motion—how it begins to drift, softly towards a restful
sleep. As the escalator glides through to the next level, which is once again quieter
still, you see only a handful of people moving quietly about their business, in no hurry—calmly,
mindfully. Watching their gentle, mindful movements calms you further still.
As the escalator glides slowly to the next floor, you notice that your awareness is beginning
to drift—a sign that a peaceful, restful sleep is approaching, a sleep that will last
all night long, and from which you will awake fully refreshed and ready to start your day.
Allow your mind to float gently away from awareness and toward sleep, towards a state
in which you can fully let go of your day, your consciousness, and everything else, apart
from rest, relaxation, and complete peace. Now, you will see the end of the escalator
approaching—your journey toward sleep is about to end. At the end of the escalator
is the biggest, softest, most comfortable bed waiting just for you, to hold you safe,
warm, and peacefully, until morning. Step off the escalator now, and fall gently onto
the bed, allow yourself to drift off to sleep, knowing that this will be the most restful
and refreshing sleep you have ever experienced.

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