Taking Charge of Your Health

Welcome in 🙂 You came in for scalp treatment, didn’t you? I’m your hairdresser, myaling. Nice meet you 🙂 Umm..
Let me start off with checking your scalp condition. Okay>A

100 thoughts on “ASMR Sleepy Hair Brushing & Scalp Treatment🍂 shampoo, spray

  1. [Time stamps] Thank you for waiting my video 😀

    00:00 Preview

    01:11 Intro

    01:31 Checking your scalp condition

    04:02 Running the wooden brush through hair

    07:43 Running the tail comb through hair

    11:59 Scalp exfoliation

    16:55 Plastic wrap

    19:26 Shampooing

    21:17 Using shampoo brush

    22:59 Washing hair with water

    24:09 Using fluffy towel gloves to dry hair

    27:11 Hairdryer

    27:43 Running the wooden brush through hair

    28:59 Spraying the hair tonic

    35:45 Derma rolling therapy (+Applying a highly-enriched ampoule)

    41:57 Scalp massage with hands

    44:51 Running the wooden brush through hair

    [타임라인] 기다려주셔서 감사합니다 (_ _)
    00:00 미리보기

    01:11 인트로
    01:31 두피상태 확인

    04:02 나무빗으로 빗기
    07:43 꼬리빗으로 빗기
    11:59 두피 스케일링
    16:55 비닐캡

    19:26 샴푸

    21:17 샴푸브러쉬

    22:59 물로 씻어내기

    24:09 타올드라이

    27:11 헤어드라이기

    27:43 나무빗으로 빗기
    28:59 헤어토닉 뿌리기

    35:45 MTS테라피 (+고농축앰플)

    41:57 두피마사지

    44:51 나무빗으로 빗기

  2. Please do a manicure asmr!!!!! Your nails are beautiful. Also I love your videos. You’re my favorite asmr channel. The quality of your videos and the time you put into them really show. You’re so dedicated and talented. Wish I was that mannequin.

  3. I got so much stress going on right now and this ASMR are very relaxing for me. I want to thank you for all the details and sounds …💕

  4. The doll must feel wonderful! I love the attention to details and your delicacy 💜 the head massage with the gloves is so so so relaxing!

  5. Thank you for this in more ways than just one! I’ve been worried about my hair thinning because of colouring and it inspired me to find someone to do a scalp facial

  6. It’s sooooo amazing I love it. Thank you myaling! Oh, could you make the intro you you always make where you show us the products/preparation longer pls? It’s so relaxing to watch I feel like I’m watching a very nice movie. Love u I hope u will have 1 million sub soon!

  7. I me name s Nikki Thomson I like your YouTube video I me new friends 👭 in your YouTube video ht s good to watching your YouTube video from Nikki Thomson 😘 😘 😘 😘

  8. Que delicadeza, ojala existiera un sitio similar donde pudieras ir a que te hicieran un tratamiento asi en Madrid! Great job!!! Amazing video!!!

  9. watches preview Oh, that's the good stuff.

    It certainly drew me to this video and it's so aesthetically pleasing and the sounds are quite lovely.

  10. I LOVE how she take the things quietly, her moviments its awesome ❣️ Usually the other guys take the things fast before use 😕

  11. I love this video! I am sure you took a lot of time to prepare the video and to purchase the products. It is very realistic and the sounds were very soothing. Thank you! 🥰

  12. Wonderful! As always, you raise the bar. Thank you for all of the attention to every little detail and for sending me into relaxed, satisfying dreams. 🤗☺️🧘‍♂️

  13. I have been looking through ASMR videos for the last 30 mins to find one to relax me back to sleep. Needless to say I found it, and am now a subscriber. Thank you

  14. I'm so grateful for the ASMRtists that go above and beyond to provide us with amazing content. Because some well-known people put in half the effort and somehow still get tons of views. THIS is the content worthy of the views.

  15. Amazing. How do these ppl not have more subscribers? Asmr tingle play/asmrmania, latte asmr, and rapunzel asmr as well. I feel like they put wayyyyy more effort into everything. .(others I feel throw together a quick, flat sounding video because they have almost 2million subscribers now and it doesnt matter as much anymore). Sheesh . Great job!

  16. Whyyyy do preview exist ?!! (It's not about you dear, many other asmr artist do it) but really I come for a video, a roleplay and it's start with random noise like please stooop this and welcome me in your shop-salon-place, start the story and sounds as logic works

  17. I like how you grab your hair and everything, really your video is very good if it were not because you speak very loud you should learn to whisper it is only advice, do not take it badly

  18. This is probably the most detailed scalp treatment video I've seen, very well done!
    And I like being able to see what you're doing on camera too, for visual triggers in addition to the sounds

  19. Why are all of these female chinese ASMR youtubers so cute?

    Like i'm not gay but- I dunno if i can take this cuteness man-

  20. Each video the quality keeps getting better but somehow you amaze me each and every time with the dedication, work and quality. Carry on getting better 💝

  21. Anyone else think that @Myaling ASMR and @Latte ASMR are the best because they put so much effort and time into their videos.

  22. Обожаю твои видео с волосами 🤗 засыпаю на середине, очень расслабляет, делай побольше таких, смотрю по несколько раз😴👍😄💞💙❤️💜💚♥️

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