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16 thoughts on “Asthma: Ayurveda Treatment: Home Remedies to Cure Asthma Naturally: in Mysuru: Bhoomi Tv Kannada:

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  2. It good hear a treatment by Dr. Vajrika and her father for astama disease. But I want to hear hear from those cured from the medicine of Dr. Vajrika. Can you please interview some of the serious patients received this treatment.

  3. Thumba anukoola ide . Sampoorna vasi aguthe nimma oushada Dinda kuda. Nange asma thondare ithu. Adare oushada illade ( Patanjali chyavana prash thegondare thumbane bega vasi aguthe,) vasi madikondiddene . 6 thingalugala samaya bekayithu Poorna guna agalu, hege Andre , mudre accupressure . Athi shuddha Vathavarana, shuddha Neeru , hitha,mitha ahara sevane kuda Agathya Vasi agide sampoorna ee dina kuda 12 degree Celsius yalli arama walk madi bande. Nanna vayassu 75 😃

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