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Asthma is a lung disease that inflames
and narrows your airways. Normally, as you inhale air moves freely through your trachea, or windpipe then through large tubes called bronchi smaller tubes called bronchioles and finally into tiny sacs called alveoli. Small blood vessels, called capillaries, surround your alveoli. Oxygen from the air you breathe passes into your capillaries then carbon dioxide from your body passes out of your capillaries into your alveoli so that your lungs can get rid of it when you exhale. Your bronchioles expand when the air is warm, moist, and free of irritants and allergy causing substances called allergens. When air is cold or dry, or contains irritants or allergens, your bronchioles contract. If you have asthma, your airways are frequently inflamed and swollen. Certain substances can cause you are
inflamed airways to overreact even more, resulting in an asthma attack. Triggers of asthma attacks are slightly different for everyone, but usually include: outdoor irritants and allergens, such as pollen smoke pollution and cold weather indoor irritants and allergens, such as mold pet dander dust mites and cockroach droppings food allergens, such as fish shellfish eggs peanuts and soy and conditions, such as respiratory infections stress strong emotions and exercise. The symptoms of an asthma attack include: coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in your chest. During an asthma attack (also known as a bronchospasm) the muscles around your airways tighten and the airway wall becomes more swollen. Your airways also produce thick mucus that narrows them even more making it hard for you to breathe. If you have asthma, your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce: inflammation in your airways, constriction of the muscles surrounding your airways, or mucous secretion in your airways. During an asthma attack you may need to use a short-acting rescue medication called a bronchodilator. This medication causes your airway muscles to relax quickly and provide symptom relief within minutes. Since there is no cure for asthma, the
goal is to prevent you from having asthma attacks by using long-acting, anti-inflammatory control medications. If you take them every day, they will reduce the inflammation of your airways making them less sensitive to triggers of asthma attacks.

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  1. I have asthma… this means I can't do sports as much or I'm not that good at sports because of my lungs. This is the reason why I'm also very slow at running. I get picked on because I'm not good at sports but people should understand that I have an illness/disease (asthma) and it's not my fault! It's not fair that people with asthma should be laughed at because "your not good at sports " it's a condition,ok?

  2. What's really annoying is that you know how many people grow out of their asthma, for me it's the opposite. As I get older I'm struggling more and I think the seriousness of it has gone up. I'm getting more attacks and stuff. I had my first attack at 2 years old and had to be rushed to hospital and it's just gotten worse and worse ??

  3. Having asthma really sucks because you cannot laugh really hard, you cannot sleep, and you cannot live your life in peace.

  4. Did anyone using Ventolin get bad side effects?
    Ive been using ventolin for as long as i can remember and i never had side effects, however i had to use it when i was also taking antibiotics and i had the strongest side effects, even fainted for a couple of minutes.
    Im wondering if anyone catched a relation betwern ventolin and antibiotics

  5. I have asthma. And I suffer a lot for breathing mainly in winter season I am surviving only with inhaler (it's levolin).

  6. god lowkey hate certain people but too lazy to kill them so he give them asthma, people who have asthma know that we are half alive

  7. Ok so i have athsma and i had to get air lifted as a baby and i can confirm that it is harder to breathe and although i still can play sports just to clear that up and a little tip to ppl with athsma lay on ur back and tilt ur head up it opens up airways

  8. W8 they dont have a cure for asthma? I thought they had one because when I was a kid I have asthma But my asthma was gone when I was 5 I think

  9. Asthma is No More a Barrier in Badminton Journey.

  10. Asthma is No More a Barrier in Badminton Journey.

  11. Increase effectiveness of inhaler by 3x by attaching a spacer to your inhaler. I promise you’ll thank me. To my surprise, they are not just for kids.

  12. its really painfulll….when everyone breath so well n u cant…….its hard i knw very well…..?

  13. there is a cure for asthma, in my country there are many people healed from asthma, even my close friend can healed from that disease and he didnt need anymore gas tube medicine

  14. Asthma is a Over active immune system (autoimmune diseases)

    BEST solution is to BALANCE the IMMUNE SYSTEM

  15. Why is every single person in this comment section a devout Christian? I just came here to know how my asthma actually works, I know that god isn’t going to heal me, I’m not that naïve

  16. Initially, I had mild asthma that kept growing each winter. I tried to remove it by taking many things but the only remedy was an inhaler in my pocket. Once I had gone to my uncle's house in Chandigarh when the inhaler malfunctioned. I pressed the panic button and he took me to Planet Ayurveda and got Asthma Care Pack & some diet tips that were followed sincerely. My Asthma vanished into thin air never to recur. THANKS, PLANET A!

  17. i was born with multiple herniated discs inside of my body please feel sorry for me
    (sorry if english isbad)

  18. I read this book and it is a wealth of information…
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border:0px" src="" width="400" height="578" alt=""></a>

  19. Me:has asthma*
    Cause of asthma: pollen and smoke that I accidentally inhaled from cars


  20. I have asthma and I almost got in ICU I love swimming and do sport but it seems like it's not the thing that I should be doing if you have asthma I feel you I really do

  21. I'm dont have the allergies from food but everynight I would get an asthma attack like can't breath, coughing, wheezing,so I always sleep with my Inhaler because its my life


  23. Why do you always declare "there is no cure for asthma"? Those who forever say it don't know what they're talking about, that is untrue and unfounded.
    My asthma of 20+ years was totally reversed and cured naturally.

  24. My baby was suffering from breathing problem. He wheezed all
    the time and sometimes did gasp for breath. We took him to so many Doctors but
    wheezing did not stop. One day I was surfing on the internet for something and
    got to know about Planet Ayurveda. I went there, met Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He
    prescribed us with some herbal medicines along with that told some home remedies
    to follow. We followed all for couple of months. It showed amazing results. No
    longer wheezing was there. We are so happy now.. Thanks

  25. asthma may be dangerous if not treatment on time ,
    know more


    The psycho-immune and emotional aspects are a fundamental complement to the drugs used for asthma and respiratory allergies to pollen, dust, mites, cats ..

    Practicing 5 minutes of
    the psychophysical exercises of the INDALO CODEX method, many people suffering
    from respiratory allergies or asthma managed to breathe well all year round. In
    the book “ASTHMA AND ALLERGY”  and in the
    app for IOS and Android, you will discover the 5 keys to the spontaneous
    remission of respiratory allergies and asthma.

  27. All this scientific bullshit, let me conclude it for you:
    It feels like your puking your lungs out and you feel like its your last day on earth

  28. @NucleusMedicineMedia thankyou for uploading ?
    Can a person become resistant to the Asthma Medication.?
    Or like other Anti-Allergics
    Or Corticosteroids, if put on therapy for long periods.??

  29. Many times, I am going to cough then it gets stuck and I can’t breathe so when I’m about to pass out, it comes unstuck and I cough REALLY LOUD. Like “VSHVHJHVAAFJHWHWBHWGHFSUGJAGJAGUAGUAGJAGJAGGAUGAJ”

  30. When i was born, i was diagnosed with Asthma, but recently when i reached adolescenes ( 12-13 years old ), it stopped and i'm grateful for that. This is what i feel like when i get an asthma attack, i try to breathe for 2 seconds but then get delay, so i only get like a second worth of oxygen and my chest also feels like it's getting heavy.

  31. I feel like our noses are useless I mean sometimes I can breath with my nose but most of the time my nose is just something useless

  32. I hate it how when every time I went to my friends house which has a lot of cat, I always get asthma Attack and I hate it

  33. i have asthma…but inhale by mouth…and when i sleep at night i inhale with mouth ..after all in the morning my mouth becomes dry..and even at night… can you tell what is solution for this…..please research about this…..everyday i had to struggle with dry mouth at night…and also when i sleep……plzzzzzz??

  34. I had an asthma attack during learning new moves in karate class like I couldn’t breathe and my face turned red and I tried telling my mom that I couldn’t breathe she wetted my face and took me outside to get fresh air but I kept coughing and wheezing and I had shortness outta breath and it lastest for 25 mins

  35. I have asthma and in this year I had two episodes Of asthma attack. In those two episodes, in The last days, I will cough very hard and feel pain on my throat, even spitted drops Of blood in my saliva.
    Sorry the The english tho

  36. I used to have asthma, I'll describe the feeling

    You can't breathe of course.

    Just imagine that there's too much phlegm (mucus) in your airway to the point where you cant breathe.

    You'll cough repeatedly and you'll feel like wanting to puke phlegm out (but theres none)

    And you cant breathe properly without wheezing honestly

  37. I have allergic asthma which is hereditary because my Dad and grandpa also had allergic asthma. I had my first asthma attack when I was 6 or 7. Literally I was wheezing and breathing like a pigeon. My Mom and maternal grandma were very scared. They rushed me to the hospital at 2am. Since then I had asthma attack many times. I have it atleast thrice a year. If I go to stay somewhere over night I always carry my inhaler. I have been taking homeopathic treatment for my asthma since last 5 years and it has helped me a lot. Having an asthma attack is terrible you can't breathe without wheezing, you cough badly, your chest feels very heavy and tight. You are so restless that you can't even close your eyes. It feels like death. A couple of months ago I went to a family trip and due to the powerful AC and no fans I had asthma attack at night plus it was the first day of my periods. I couldn't even sleep for an hour. It was so terrible. I forgot to carry my inhaler so I had to bear with it the whole night and I dont like disturbing people just because I am sick so I had to endure that shit, I was breathless until the next morning only I know how I managed to somehow breathe and survive that situation. But luckily it got better the next morning when I sat in the garden under the trees and inhaled fresh air.

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