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Hello my loves,
Welcome to my youtube channel, again me pink moony, today I wanted
to speak to you about Panaris (SIKAMA) invite to watch my other videos. They are very rewarding, really
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also think about the notification bell An abscess that gets worse on a finger of the
hand or toe of the foot, this is called a whitlow (SIKAMA)
. This infection must be cured without wait to avoid its spread. When his care is too late,
surgery becomes mandatory. Here’s how to react in case of whitlow
do not get here. 1. Grate a carrot and put the dough around
painful parity. 2. Crush a cockroach (MPESE) and put in a bandage
on the sick finger. 3. Using lemon and salt, you can
treat the paronychia easily and quickly, because they are known for their properties
disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. Make a hole in the lemon, of a diameter
your finger. Then add some sea salt, introduce it
the finger concerned, and let act about twenty minutes. The operation is to be renewed every day
until the paronychia heals. I you
thank you for watching this video until end, as you know my videos are wanted
Simple easy fast, very accessible, for everyone, that’s why I invite you
to share this so that it reaches a maximum it will help save many people
life and make the world better. Also think about my new pink moonny chain
naturopath kisses kisses

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