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Welcome to my youtube channel, again me pink moony, today we are going
to talk about SINUSITE WHAT IT IS ? , you’ll tell me, before getting into
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notification and has my new pink channel moony naturopath Home care is effective and
inexpensive to relieve sinusitis. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes
nasal which has the effect of obstructing sinuses causing nasal congestion,
facial pain, headaches and fatigue. It lasts an average of two to three weeks,
when well cared for, and does not reappear no more than three times a year. However, it can become chronic when
persists for more than one month or comes back frequently. That’s why I’m going to introduce you
here some natural solutions for you get rid naturally and efficiently
definitely of that 1. Make the brew (pour hot water
on eucalyptus leaves, I have speak in several videos, virtues of
Eucalyptus is magical. in a container with lid, let pass 15 minutes and
take the steam bath two to three times per day, for a month. In number 2 if it seems too long even
if I recommend it definitely Eat 04 to 06 cloves of garlic a day,
for a month. it will do you good I Assure you, I told you about garlic
also, the benefits of this, of how much it is miraculous
Put 2 drops of urine in each nostril in number 3, every two days in 3 times. So two drops in the morning, at noon, and the
evening, the little trick if you want to use your urine, make the first throw. Urine, and after iron and that the
you can use it, like that you do not use the one loaded with waste
due to cleaning the kidneys 🙂 Of course I will not let you go without
nothing as usual. Here are some tips for treating sinusitis
and prevent recurrences: Clear the sinuses with salt water
Moisten the nasal cavities with water vapour. Taking a hot shower can relieve the
congestion. Use as needed a humidifier IN
YOUR ROOM, it sells on Amazon that does not cost anything a wrist of euro
To drink a lot Avoid using decongestants,
all this stuff sold in pharmacy is not well at all
To avoid smoking is very detrimental Thank you for watching this video
until the end, as you know my videos are simple fast easy,
very accessible, for everyone, c is why I invite you to share this
so that it affects a maximum of people it will help save many lives and
make the world better. Also think about my new pink moony chain
naturopath kisses kisses

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