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Namaskar Sir! You are Ashmeer’s father. You took treatment of Ashmeer from Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Tell about that. First of all, I’m very thankful to you and your team. We met Dr. Vikram Chauhan in November. My name is Kuljeet Singh and she is my daughter Ashmeer Kaur. She is three and a half years old. We searched on the internet and we came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and met him in November. Actually she had a problem with of Atopic Dermatitis. After 6 months we came to know about her problem. We took allopathic medicines steroids for 2-3 months but we were not satisfied. Our relatives advised us not to take allopathic treatment. Then we started Homoeopathic treatment for one and half years in Faridabad but instead of getting fine, her condition deteriorated. She was in such a worst condition that we couldn’t see her in such a condition. We met Dr. Vikram Chauhan in November and after medical history he started Ayurvedic treatment of her and she is taking Ayurvedic medicines regularly from November 2018 onwards. I’m not able to show her previous pictures but she was in such a bad condition that she used to wake up at 2 a.m. and started crying and there was intense itching on her body. After 2018, her recovery started and there is a great relief in itching as well. Now itching is there only once in a day due to sweating but her problem of atopic dermatitis disappeared. Which medicines were given to her? Manjistha which is a medicines of Planet Ayurveda, Giloy, Radiant Hair Skin Nail Formula, syrups such as Khadirishta, Neem, Purodil etc. The combination of medicines was given and we are totally satisfied. No side effects were reported in the child. Day by day there is an improvement in her health and in her regular activities, she is concentrating and going school regularly. Before taking treatment, we were so worried, she couldn’t be able to go to school. In this condition, you couldn’t send her to school. Yes, when she went to school, she used to cry there. When the treatment started in November 2018, how much did it take in recovery? There has been much recovery from the last three months. In 4-5 months, gradually her condition improved. The effect of medicines was slow so that there was no impact on the body and there were no harmful medicines. Ointments were also given to apply on the skin. It took 5 months approx. for recovery and gradually the skin also gets cured. There is a 99.9% reduction in itching. We’ll continue the medicines as guided by the doctor unless the problem goes away permanently. The dose of medicines reduced to half or not? The same procedure is going on and we are following the instructions of Dr. Sahab. According to Dr. Sahab, within one or two months, we’ll reduce the dose to half and a stage would come when there will be no need of taking medicines. Apart from this, are there any dietary changes? She had undergone blood tests and found that she has allergy from various food products so we are not giving that diet to her. She has an allergy from egg so we stopped giving her egg, she has a problem from besan (gram flour), and sweet items, and we stopped giving her. When she eats sweet things in excess, she suffers. That we are controlling along with medicines. That’s very nice. Ashmeer is feeling good. Yes, she is very happy. She is going to school regularly and performing activities there like dancing. She is very intelligent. Now she gives her 100% in every activity. Thank you so much Sir for sharing your views. Thanks. As a mother, how are you feeling? I am very grateful and thankful to him. Thank you Sir Thank you.

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