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Hello, You are here in Dr. Vikram’s clinic with your baby. What happened to your baby? She was suffering from Atopic dermatitis. We came to know about it, after one month of her birth. Her skin had rashes, dryness and itching. We took treatment from here and prescribed for Neem capsules, Radiant Skin, and skin polisher. We were benefited by using them. Was she suffering from it, right from her birth? Yeah, after one month. How did you come to know about Dr. Vikram? We watched his video on YouTube. Since, you have given this Ayurvedic treatment to the baby and how much time it took to see the improvements? After 15 days Ok, after 15 days, you observed the improvements. How is her condition now? She is pretty well and improved very much. For how many months, are you taking these medicines? 4 months During taking Ayurvedic medicines, did you observe any side effects? No sir You might have heard about Acute dermatitis patients, as they do have lots of problem and mainly found in children. Now, can you explain, how Ayurvedic medicines have helped in treating and improving Acute dermatitis? Sir, since before applying them, there were rashes and dryness in the skin. But as we applied these medicines, positive results started appearing within seven days After 15 days, she was completely cured. Thereafter, we did the regular course and got good results. No side effects were seen. How old she is? 7 months Were you not scared of using Ayurvedic medicines to your young baby? As you baby is still on mother feed and no other diet is given as such. Some parents may think that their baby is too young. So, you did not observe any side effects, which is a good thing. So are you continuing this treatment? Yes for four months It’s a good thing. Do you have any message for other parents, whose babies are suffering from such diseases? Yes, there are other drugs, which could have severe side effects. Use Ayurvedic medicines, they don’t have any side effects and results are good. So, do you want to say something to Dr. Vikram? Thanks only. Thank you very much.

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  2. hi dr. kindly tel me treetment my baby 4 minths old n us k cheeks pe hai elergy..m really worried..bht khrish krti hai

  3. SIR my baby is having eczema first it was fully red and itching we did all kind of treatment but all in vain.Now she is 11month and the eczema is become dry very very itching.what should we do.pls help us

  4. sir am in tamilnadu sir plz give medicine sir am so worried sir more itching my baby sir he not sleeping at night sir it's a very big problem sir plz help me sir am a long distance sir

  5. Respected sir am in tamilnadu I have 5 month baby he suffer in eczema sir am so worried sir ur tel plannet Ayurveda it's k which medicine use my baby sir plz give medicine name sir which medicine am purchase this eczema problem sir ur tel online order k sir bt I confused which medicine am purchase ur planet Ayurveda sir

  6. sir an plz detail how to use this medicine sir how many days use this medicine sir I trust ur only Sir ur my god sir plz help me my child sir plz solve my problem sir

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