Taking Charge of Your Health

these motions may feel a little bit
awkward the surgeon might want to treat this meniscus in a specific way this is
exciting because it’s a gadget and everybody likes a gadget for me as a
radiologist I don’t think the technology is yet mature enough to impact what I do
on the basis of diagnosis but it definitely impacts significantly the way
a radiologist will be able to communicate the findings. I think I made
it is too big the beginning one aspect that I’m really excited about is that
the HoloLens the ability to add a human aspect to current electronic
communication and if you ever put on a HoloLens you will understand that the
objects that you see in space have any inevitable sense of permanence there’s
air you can walk around them when you look away you don’t see them but when
you look back to them you will see them they’re still there so they suddenly
become somewhat uncomfortably a part of your reality

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