Taking Charge of Your Health

[ Music ]>>So Hospitality and Main
Event Planning and Travel and Tourism is ultimately about
having the spirit to serve and provide experiences, and it
can be done in a variety of ways in Visitors’ Sales and
Marketing, Finance, Operations, Event Planning, Catering,
being a Tour Guide, there’s so many ways that
we can contribute to that.>>Smile>>In the City of Austin we
have a tremendous growth in our hospitality and
tourism industry, so tremendous that the workforce is having a
hard time actually filling all the positions that they
have opened with people that are qualified and talented. And they’re looking for
folks that really want to make a career out of
this, not just a job. Maybe you start out somewhere
small but you can easily grow and develop into
bigger positions.>>Get in because you enjoy it.>>Starting in our programs
not only gives you the degree that you’re going to need
ultimately to get the positions that you want, but
it’s also going to give you the networking
opportunities because we work really
close with the industry. So it’s going to get you
that foot in the door that you need [knocking]. There’s so many different routes that you can take
in our industry. It’s what you make of it. And there’s a lot of different
tracks that you can take but there are very
long career tracks and you can do very
well in our industry.

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