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My name is Holly Riley, and my son Quinn was
diagnosed with autism right after his second birthday. We have done numerous traditional
therapies, along with biomedical interventions, dietary interventions, and a lot of hard work.
Today he’s seven years old. He attends a Catholic school for second grade. He is in
a typical classroom with no additional supports. He’s very close to fully recovered, and
I’d like to share some of our journey with you today. Quinn was pretty normal. Pregnancy:
very, very normal. Delivery: nothing extraordinary in his infancy. He had occasional colds. He
had some eczema, but nothing that really stands out as dramatic. So he met all his milestones
within the normal limits up until he was about one and a half. He started crawling around
six months; walking around a year. He was babbling a lot and generally a pretty happy
baby. But it was after his first birthday that we started seeing a lot of behaviors
that were unusual. We didn’t recognize it at the time, but there was a lot of spinning
going on and he still wasn’t talking. He was really very much lost in his own world.
He was very gentle and mild in terms of behaviors. He had occasional tantrums, but overall, he
was pretty easygoing as a baby and he was very content to just spin all by himself in
the corner. At his 18-month check-up, I remember having a very detailed conversation with a
pediatrician about his speech and lack of speech because he had no words at that time.
And he, his whole life, had been exposed to both English and Spanish, and as a bilingual
educator, I knew that often speech for children who are in bilingual environments comes a
little bit later. And I convinced both myself and the pediatrician that everything was fine,
but I left that appointment with no information about speech delays and no real plan to make
sure that we were on track. And I think I came up with a plan. I said, “Let’s wait
until he’s two, and if he’s still not speaking when he’s two then we can look
at maybe speech therapy.” And about six months later, as his second birthday was approaching,
it dawned on me he still wasn’t speaking at all and that’s when I went to the bookstore
and started reading about speech delays. I picked up a book about autism kind of on a
whim but a hunch as well, and after reading less than two pages, I knew that that’s
what we were dealing with. I was very fortunate that I figured it out on my own and I didn’t
have what many parents experience: a doctor giving us the diagnosis and a lot of negative
information from the start. I kind of bypassed the pediatrician and went straight to the
Department of Education — the state Department of Education — knowing that I could refer
him for assessment myself. And with three very long months of pushing the system, we
had all of the assessments in and we began his therapies. So by two and a half, he was
receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavioral analysis or ABA. He
had a very intense early childhood intervention program, and he uttered his first words when
he was about two years and nine months, maybe two and a half. He said “A-bub-bub” during
a speech therapy session. When we figured out that he was most likely going to be diagnosed
with autism, we started researching and we went on the Internet and with a critical eye
really looked at what information was available and found a great amount of information from
other families and other parents. And I remember the day my husband came to me and said, “I’ve
been reading that some families found that their kids got better when they removed wheat
and dairy,” and I just thought that was the most absurd thing because that was really
all he ate. He could drink a gallon of milk in a day and he ate wheat toast, and if we
took him off of those things, what would he eat? But I figured it was worth learning about,
so I did research that and I came to a site called Generation Rescue. That site did a
tremendous job of explaining the medical problems that are very interwoven with autism, and
after learning through that website and other resources and hearing from other parents how
significantly the dietary changes had helped their children, I realized there was no harm
in trying. And just before he went in for his psychological evaluation, we stopped all
dairy. We took him off of all milk. And within a few days, we saw dramatic changes in his
behavior. It’s like he came out of a fog, and he started interacting with us more. He
brought us toys for the first time for us to play with him. And we started to get some
approximation of eye contact, though really, he still didn’t have any, but he was much
more engaged with us. And after seeing that, we knew that it was worth pursuing removal
of wheat as well, so we went ahead and we changed his diet to be a gluten-free, casein-free
diet, and the learning curve on all of that was so steep. You’ve got to figure out how
to feed your child. In working with other parents and reading about other parents’
experiences and their successes, reading their recovery journeys, we knew we needed to work
with a medical doctor. I reached out to the community of parents, and we were able to
find what’s called a Defeat Autism Now! practitioner medical doctor here in our area
and we made an appointment with her. Quinn had suffered from both constipation and diarrhea
accompanied by a very bad diaper rash all along from early infancy, and we began to
learn about the gastrointestinal problems that our children with autism suffer from
and the ways to treat it, not only through diet, but through different supplementation.
Working with our DAN! doctor, we also learned a great deal about detoxification, and our
children with autism often have difficulty excreting toxins. Environment toxins come
from many sources, but heavy metals are a very serious assault on the neurological system
as well as the immune system. We found that, through testing, Quinn had pretty high levels
probably of both mercury and lead, and we did begin a process of detoxification working
with our doctor using chelation. We used various forms of chelation, various different chelating
agents. We did transdermal chelation; we’ve done oral chelation, although that tended
to be hard on the GI system so we didn’t do very much of that; we also did rectal suppositories;
and we’ve done IV chelation to address those heavy metal toxicities. And every little bit
of detoxification we’ve done has been beneficial for Quinn. We also treated the gut dysbiosis
through antifungal medications as well as probiotic treatment to help recolonize the
gut with good bacteria. And all of these things happened in conjunction with the traditional
therapies: speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA or applied behavioral analysis therapy.
All concurrent; very busy all the time; doing lots of supplements, lots of therapies. For
about a year and a half, we saw pretty steady progress, though he still was not close to
recovery. When he was about — I want to say three and a half is when I attended a conference
where I first learned about the mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and I was really ready to
do some more intensive dietary interventions. It was after attending that conference and
getting to really see some amazing doctors do presentations and talk with more families
that we did do a number of different things that helped a lot. From the beginning, we
had done B12 supplementation. Methylcobalamin is the form of B12 we used, and we gave him
shots. And the standard protocol was to do it twice a week, and at some point, we increased
that to every other day. It was around that time that I recalled having these conversations
with my husband about his speech, and we were counting words on our fingers at that point
— the “Oh, he said three words in a row” or “Wow, that was a complete sentence. He
had four words.” And we noticed this pattern that it was almost every other day that we
would say to each other, “Wow, did you hear what he said today?” or “I’ve got to
tell you what I heard from him.” We realized that those incredible spurts of language were
happening on the days after he had had his B12 dose, which he got in the night. So we
switched to daily dosing of that B12 supplementation, and we continue to have daily doses of B12
for him. He’s at a point now where he can articulate how important it is for him. He
wants to have his B12 because it really helps him in so many ways, not just with language
but with his ability to focus and attend and get the most out of social interactions and
school. So that was one big thing that we changed. We increased his B12 dosing. We did
rent a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and we did that twice about six months apart.
We saw incredible improvements with that. The HBOT is what it’s called, is pressurized
atmospheric air, so regular room air becomes pressurized and saturates liquid, which would
be the body is mostly liquid. And what happens is the oxygen from the atmosphere, being pushed
into the cells of the body, become very healing. Oxygen is very healing, and it’s a kind
of medical therapy that’s been used for decades for deep-sea divers who have come
up too fast and have deep pressure injuries; people who suffer from crushing injuries that
won’t heal or burns that won’t heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be life-saving. So that’s
an alternative therapy that the autism community is finding some great benefit with, and Quinn
really had a great success with that. And then concurrently, we also restricted his
diet even further. We removed all carbohydrates — well, I should say all starches — and
did what’s called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD. And in that diet, the only carbohydrates
that are allowed are ones that are monosaccharides, so essentially that means fruit. So no other
starches are allowed. We stopped all rice, potato, any other tapioca. All of the starches
were removed, and essentially, he had a very balanced diet of fruits in moderation and
vegetables and various meats. We did that diet for about six months, and again, that
was in the sort of time period where we saw incredible growth and developmental spurts.
We were working very closely with a speech therapist who was also working with a chiropractor,
and at that time, we did some alternative chiropractic work called Network Spinal Analysis,
along with a breathing technique called Somato Respiratory Integration. And essentially,
it’s gentle touches to help with energy along the spinal column, so very non-invasive,
very gentle therapy that we did at that time. That also, I think, was beneficial for him.
In conjunction with the chiropractic care, our speech therapist was doing speech assessments
every four months. The test results showed in a four-month span of time, the age-equivalent
for Quinn’s speech jumped to 13 months, so it was a significant time of growth, a
huge developmental spurt for him. At that time that we were doing our second round of
HBOT, we were doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and we adjusted his B12 to daily dosing.
So that was sort of our biggest spurt of development, and since then, he continues to develop and
continued to have incredible growth. We went from an inclusive preschool environment where
he had a full-time aide, went to one support with a behaviorist, to fading that back and
finishing up preschool with no aide at all in that inclusive setting. When it was time
to send him to kindergarten, we had a kind of tough choice because he was doing very
well and we really wanted him to attend our parochial school that would be where he would
go if he had no disability. He had come so far in such an incredible span of time that
we kind of took that leap of faith and decided to send him to the parochial school — to
our Catholic parish school — where our daughter attended school, knowing that we might need
to have an aide, knowing that he might struggle a little bit. But we made that choice, and
he did wonderfully. He continued a little bit of occupational therapy through kindergarten,
but graduated from that, and he continues to do very well in school. Some sort of startling
numbers about his speech in particular. When he was three and a half, one of those speech
assessments that we did showed that he was in just the second percentile for language.
In first grade at the Catholic school, they do ITBS testing, and I was thrilled and shocked
when I got the results. Overall, he did extremely well. He was in the 79th percentile overall,
but for speech in particular, the tests said that language is a relative area of strength
for Quinn and he scored in the 98th percentile in first grade ITBS general education testing.
So clearly, he’s come a long way and he is doing remarkably well. He’s social. He
has a best friend. Every week we meet his friends at the park, and he can’t wait to
have that special time with his friends. He’s doing incredibly well, very close to recovered.
One of the greatest things you can do for your child is to help him or her feel better,
and the biomedical interventions really do help with that. When your child feels better,
he or she will learn better and get more out of all of the traditional therapies. There
are a lot of resources available to help you with biomedical interventions and to learn
more about alternative therapies, including the Autism Research Institute, Talk About
Curing Autism, and Generation Rescue. We are very fortunate that we were able to pursue
both biomedical and traditional therapies and that my son has made such incredible progress.
We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the hope that we have had all along, and I
give that hope to you for your child. Good luck in your journey.

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  1. I've come across an interview with Dr Mercola and Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Please listen to this 15 minute presentation. I can't post a link so please google "Dr Mercola GAPS" and there is a 6 part interview with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Please, please listen to part one. Many thanks.

  2. there is so much to do, myself got asberger syndrom, tried the guten and casen free det, it's almost impossible to avoid foods with gluten and casein and I do not have afford with all of these theraphies, aren't there any aternative ways,? thanks

  3. Genetically, on my mother's side of the family, we can't dispose of mercury and lead and all that crap with our delicate digestive systems. My uncle, my mom's brother, had Autism – no speech, no education, in a harmful institution on heavy medication daily with a very harmful diet. My uncle died last year, and the new doctors there told the family the truth: my uncle died of mercury poisoning! Not Autism! Autism is mercury poisoning!

  4. it´s ridiculous to think that autism is just a disease, if it were that normal on humans, then we would be going to extinction, Evolution does not work that way. I don't know the exact statistics but now autism is in 1 out of 88 children in USA!! that is insane, something is causing it and I do believe its in the vaccines, food and probably in other crap they are (pharma corp) or we are shoving in our kids!

  5. Thanks for your testimony. I Know biomedical treatment work my daughter just start de diet and I'm seeing the difference I know she needs a lot but video like yours help me to have a hope thank you. God bless you.

  6. So glad to hear that parents are developing their own remedies. We hear anecdotal evidence being slated as unreliable, but these parents are saying well, test it then! When the anecdotal evidence becomes overwhelming, I don't understand how the powers that be can continue to ignore it, it has to be greed, and protectiveness of their product given more importance than benefit to children. I don't have children yet, but want to have them in the near future and have always had an interest in natural treatments – diet and solutions already provided for us in nature – and it's becoming more evident that we should never have veered from the natural approach to begin with. It's brought more illness and disease. So glad to hear of this little boy's progress, and I hope it continues. Thank you so much for sharing this. 

  7. I have a question. Does the child need to be B12 deficient in order for the B12 supplementation to help the child? Also does giving the B12 orally still help? I do not have access to B12 vaccines.

  8. Larry, my son is 7 years old., we have tried a lot of different therapies such as the ABA therapy and lots of dietary treatments including suppressing all casein and gluten. At the beginning we saw good progress, but after a while it just stopped. We've tried overdoses of multivitamin with some success; however, we have not the resources to afford such a great amount of doctors, therapist, hyperbaric chambers, etc.  my son Dacy, is being receiving speech and occupational therapies at school. Now, he is pretty independent, perfectly potty trained, excellent eye contact, learning to write and to read; almost all of his ritualistic behaviors have gone; even the tantrums have reduced to their minimal (I would say normal) level. However, he barely articulates a word. He always finds a way to communicate what he wants when he is no able to serve himself in something, but he basically says a couple of words. He produces a lot of sounds, kind of a combination of chanting and yelling, and we have learned to interpret them so we can know when he is happy, when he is overwhelmed, when he is sad, etc, all according of the kind of sounds he is doing. We want to try this B12 vitamin overdose therapy, but we don't have access to vaccines rather than just the oral presentation. So, based on what I've described here, can you give me some guidance on what else to do beside the B12 therapy? I really will appreciate and thank you for that. God bless you ¡Mucha Luz!

  9. She said to avoid any starches, potatos including rice, why she said rice milk replaced cow milk for her son? I am confused. I feed my son rice every day, at first i thought it's okay, but seems like not okay? Thank you!

  10. I received a flu and a shingle vaccines at the same time,next day I lost my memory,and my left eye vision.What can I Do? In the Mount Sinai Hospital never received any concrete answers,now Iam afraid to go back to that site. In the Veterans  Hospital I was told that they never apply those vaccines together because they are not compatible.

  11. Thank you for your video. Im a SLP, and ABA Clinician and your video has helped so many of my parents. Thank you for your time and effort.

  12. Im so happy for you & your little boy. Dairy is poison for everyone. I was a hopless drug addict when i switched to a paleo diet, started detoxifying my beauty routine & raki it was like someone switched the addiction off. Im also free of hepatitis c.

  13. (Aluminum, Antibiotics, Formaldehyde, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), Thimerosal) It's becoming a pretty scary world when a parent can say they don't feel comfortable injecting these ingredients in their baby, no matter how "minute" doctors say the dosage is, and be called a conspiracy theorist.

  14. BigPharma and other large corporations got legislation passed some years back , to protect themselves from lawsuits for stuff like this.  
    So those harmed by bad vaccines/protocols cannot sue for damages, no matter if it brings down the entire economy of the world.   

  15. I love reading all these information. In some cases autism comes from gut_health problems  some other are neurology problems and those are the ones difficult to recover. On my case no diarhea, no health issus, process food ok, all test done doctor can not find anything but reccomend vitamins and to keep looking. I am in the biomedicine way and I will try this mild hyperbaric oxygen  and also the chiropractor to see if it works for us. we wont stop , we will never stop looking for an answer.

  16. Thanks for sharing it Holly.
    listening to U in the 1st four minutes is like looking at me talking about my son. I would like to try some of your methods with him, almost 3 yrs.
    God Bless U & Quinn

  17. Thanks very much for this sharing.  Is biomedical treatment and therapies an on going life time process or has Quinn stopped doing it all?

  18. Ok.
    I got thru 11min.of this & said "where did these people get the money for all these treatments?" Those are extreamly expensive & not usually covered by any kind of insurance…
    We have a child w/ aspergers so he is fully functioning however his speech is horrible. We keep plugging away w/ his slp private & the one in his public school; its slow going but its working. Socialization w/ adults is cake but w/ kids his own age; not so much… 11yrs old now & moving on to middle school, 6th grade v.e. class. Excited! 😁 We consider ourselves very blessed reguardless of his lable…
    -besides, we peasants would never be able to afford the luxury to provide those kind of treatments so i guess god gave us only what we could handle… -but hey congrats to the folks whose money can essentially fix their childrens disorders! -shocker…

  19. I have an 18 month,3 week old daughter named Tatum that is showing early signs of autism. She has not been diagnosed, but at her 18 month old check up she did not meet many of her social milestones such as answering to her name, pointing, and talking. She does not however have many of the other signs such as any ticks, stimmimg, flapping arms, tippy toes etc. Her pediatrician suggested having her hearing checked which I did, and the hearing specialist suggested speech therapy. I am waiting on a call back to register her but I want to be proactive instead of just waiting around for a call. My husband and I are very strict about eating all organic, non-GMO, chemical free in our daily lives and with our children. I am a vegetarian and so is Tatum. I nursed her until 15 months, and since I do not believe dairy is good for us, I started to give her soy milk. She does eat fish and has gluten in small doses and I am cutting all gluten out of her diet immediately since I've seen and read about the GF/CF effects. I read on Generation Rescue that the diet should be soy-free as well so now I am concerned that the soy milk may have had an effect on her. Do you know the effects of soy on children on the spectrum? Should I be concerned about mercury or other metals affecting her from the fish she is eating? Thank you in advance for getting back to me.

  20. yes I did vaccinate, but I spaced them out and asked for no mercury, which I did with my other 2 girls and had luck. Do you suggest no vaccinations?

  21. PS. she has not regressed in any way, she never did the things I mentioned in the earlier post. In other words, I didn't notice any regression, rashes, or high fever after any immunization so I have never suspected that they were a trigger. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

  22. thank you so much for getting back me and for all of your help. She has an evaluation on Wednesday and I have cut all gluten and casein out of her diet already to see if that helps. She is having blood work done on Monday to check her metal and b12 levels.

  23. So right then: there is no reason not to try the diet – your children have nothing to lose, "just" something to gain <3

  24. I'm in the UK my son is nearly two my worst fears are that he is autistic and I have an appointment on Tuesday with the health visitor. I'm convinced he is looking at his symptoms. I'm going to remove dairy from his diet tomorrow and detox him slowly. I'm so afraid for him but thanks for sharing and the amazing advice

  25. Hey guys!!!!! I have been volunteering for an autistic boy who is 6-year old for 1 year. We are using SON-RISE program which is based on unconditional love, acceptance (no medication!!!) where the main goal is to build really strong relationships. There are few steps: 1) optimistic and loving approach 2) joining your child in his ism (stimming etc.; entering their world and try to understand why they do that) 3) using motivation of your child 4) 3E- energy, excitement and enthusiasm 5) making interactive games 6) creating save place – playing room…. In one year the boy started talking, having a great eye contact, he is much more flexible etc… There are also autistic people/kids who are fully recovered from autism… So if you would like to know something more about the program check the official website or check their videos.. AS far as i am concerned this is the best program for your special kid 🙂 Have a lovely day!!

  26. yes you are very fortunate as your country really does its best to save the generation. I come from a third world country where you are alone against autism. watching my three years old niece growing without getting any help, her autism is growing every single day  is killing us all as a family, it is breaking our hearts and there is nothing we can do for her except from watching and crying silently each of us in his own corner. I personnaly keep on watching videos like these that give me some hope that may be a miracle will happen one day and we will hear her voice and we get her to play with us or even look at us so that we can tell her how much we love her but this is a very big dream that won´t be possible in Africa. I am happy for all the moms who got their kids recovered or almost recovered as i know exactly how it feels. congratulations.

  27. Hi larry,
    Thank you for uploading a inspirational video.
    My son is 3.5 years old and doesnt communicate much.
    He can sing the songs he listen to.Being a Hare krishna he chants all the chants we do in our temple.But with some reason he is not able to communicate his needs to us.
    He is very good at non verbal communication.I saw some symptoms of autism. I would say out of 11 symptoms he must be close to 3 to 4.
    Me and my wife are confused In australia doctors take no time to put a tag on to get government help.

    Please help us.In any way if you can or if you have seen any similar kind of case.

    or what can be done to make him normal.I got few points from the video like no milk products,Glue tin free products.

    further help will be appreciated.

  28. Holly has been helping other families for many years.  Thank you Holly for what you and TACA do to help so many!  I wish I had TACA when Ryan was little and still quite affected. My son is also recovered. Ryan is now an engineer at a major aerospace company doing all the things the "EXPERTS" who diagnosed him said were never possible. Parents so need to know kids can recover so they don't give up before completing this marathon. Check out my book at Make sure you read the foreword writing by Ryan himself.  The medical treatment just makes it possible for kids to learn.  You still need to catch them up on all they missed when they were still too ill to learn!  So trust your gut!  Please know I'm here to help you any way I can. You can contact me at [email protected]

  29. What we eat will surely affect our human bodies. This is common sense. How could any medicine neglect this.

  30. Hello, thanks for this video. In. this way you are helping a lots of parents. I have already started some of the approaches of bio medical treatment. I am realy happy to say that I can see the improvements in my son who has autism. he is 5 years 6 months old. I live in Coventry, UK. Wil  you please help me to know where Can I find a doctor who can prescribe for Methyl B12 injection/shot?

  31. Ive tired the dieting too but its so hard finding foods my son would eat,can someone please help me with wht kinds of foods to switch him over too and wjt kind of drinks

  32. Thanks Holly,
    I really admire what you have done. My son was also diagnosed with ASD at 18 months, 9 years ago. It has been a difficult road. On a scale of 1-10 with severe ASD at 1 or 2, he was at about 4.5 at 18 months old. I would say he is 9.5 now. My wife and I have only just started to have real hope for our son in the last 2 years. His recovery has taken away a large pain inside our hearts.
    We will be investigating B12, Cod Liver Oil and other comments you have made. I worked in the Hyperbaric Industry for several years. I had no idea this was being used now as adjunctive therapy for ASD. Well done.

  33. I thought the same because my children are in a bilingual home..unfortunatly they are both autistic and thankfully I learned the signs with my son I learned them earlier baby

  34. Wow I too have a daughter that has been diagnosed with Autism. She is 3.5. We have started her on a special diet and seen major improvements in her speech. I am interested in learning more about the B12 shots and oxygen treatment. I would love to connect with someone that has this information and find a mentor to give me information and guidance. Would there be anyone willing to connect with me, with this information?

  35. It's an excellent informative video. I have grand son 3years and 6 months with the similar problem I am for any help you might have in this regard.

  36. I have uploaded a video of our child with autistic traits global development delay who is screaming 3 hours a day. We are sending his stool to US for bacteria data as we are looking to pursue fmt. Any advice appreciated. Regards craig

  37. How to find funds to support young not-full family with autistic child? It is really a life problem for them! Who saw the AUTISM, will understand – they need HELP! Please, who knows, share the information about organizations which could provide support, Appreciate!

  38. Hi, could I please ask what you think of goats' milk? Or even camels' milk? We have stopped cows milk due to the casein protein it contains, and we have swapped to goats milk. In your video you mention you stopped giving your boy any dairy whatsoever and I would like to ask why you decided to do so. Perhaps there's something I am missing in terms of dairy. I just hope goats milk and goats cheese don't hurt my boy further. Also, I have heard camels milk can help with autism, although we haven't tried it yet…it sounds a bit alien 🙂 curious to hear what you think. Thanks, Hanna

  39. Thank you so much for this excellent and informative video. You have given us lots of sites and therapies to study and turn to and successfully reflected on all work you had done with/for your son. Wishing you lots of luck and continuous for you family.

  40. I'm gonna buy some probiotics for my son.I'm gonna start doing the Gluten free diet to.I'm a single mom now of a 9 yr old boy with Autism.Thank u so much for yr video!

  41. Well done Supermom!! I am so glad to hear your child recovered. If only there were more parents like you, helping their children recover.

  42. I found a good supplement for people who have Vaccines injuries. VECTOMEGA is the only Omega-3 biologically active phospholipid peptide supplement on the market. Note: This is not medical advice.

  43. this in formation is great. I've been dealing with autism in my family since I was a kid and now my girlfriend has a autistic brother and child I've noticed many of your findings to be very true. great video. the brain gut connection is everything I believe.

  44. Healing the microbiome has also helped many in very radical ways. An unhealthy microbiome – or a dysbiotic microbiome – can cause the gut to be inflammed and porous- aka leaky gut. This allows slow digesting proteins like gluten and casien to pass into the blood undigested, truggering an immune reaction like inflamation. Also, unhelathy bacteria can release toxin that tax the brain's antioxidant system. That system detoxifies heavy metals and other toxins. Read up on autism and the mucrobiome , as well as people's stories. Also, glyphosate which is found in a lot of foods, can cause dybiosis. The glyphosate/autism correlation is 99% strong and explains why Amish who get vaccinated still have low rates (despite being genetically similar to many germanic americans). They do not consume glyphosate, are exposed to healthy bacteria in their environment, and will more likely have natural births and breastfeed – all things that help buold a strong microbiome. Try this: reset the microbiome with an antibiotics. Then, try coconut kefir and bifidus strains, or ideally do an FMT if brave enough. It may not help everyone, but fixing the microbiome has helped many!

  45. Hi! My son is two years old and your timeline is almost identical to mine. We just started speech therapy and got evaluated for autism. I am really interested in starting the GFCF diet just nervous because my son is such a picky eater . I'm not sure if they are any biomedical doctors near me. If you have any advice for me please let me know I am just figuring this all out.

  46. Thank you thank you for this information where could I find about the diet/type of meals you've created for your son action plan after diagnosis?

  47. my son who is 5 years old was given the set of shots on 3 different occasions within 5 years of his life against my wishes.

  48. I have a 16 year old son and his assessments were going on right from childhood but the recovery is still not as per expectations. I wish to get complete assessment done for him, I mean whatever I can do for him. I have no direction – whom to go to etc. can you help?

  49. Hello Larry,
    My daughter turned 1.7 has not been responding to her name, make less to no eye contact, hasn't spoken sensible words..not even mama or daddy, doesn't interact with other kids and adults, doesn't eat much only takes formula milk and is severely constipated.
    I've Started her occupational and speech therapy just today. please help regarding her diet or whatever I can do besides therapies.

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