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Hey, welcome back to the African my
name is Kitso and I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for so long but it’s been a
bit hectic so on this video I’d like to show you a few pictures of how things
have been for the past five months yes it’s been five months already since the
last time I recorded or show you any progress with regards to my hey I’ve
been to South Africa I was wearing my hair loose during that time and I really
didn’t do anything much to it I just accessorized a bit and played
around with the natural look of the hair I didn’t try to put on braids or
anything during that time and that was during December I had a fabulous time
back in South Africa summer was just also going to all a lot of gigs and here
are some few pictures that you can see I was just having such a lot of fun fun
fun fun fun and then from there I went to Dubai for a short vacation and some
more pics I still didn’t do much to the hair during that time and then I finally
returned back to the Netherlands and I thought okay I should do something to me
Hey so I put on some braids mainly because I didn’t want to touch my hair
or do anything else to it during that time I just wanted to be able to wake up
in the morning spritz on some hairspray and just to moisturize the hair and
begun besides during that time in the it was winter and really really cold
during that time so the hair gets a bit dry and if you don’t have enough time to
take care of it it will really show so I just put it
away in braids because see the picture right over yeah how I was rocking my
braids um I wasn’t playing around too much with the braids honestly I wasn’t
doing too many hairstyles I wasn’t changing it much most of the time I was
just letting it loose or tying it back so it’s not in my face and just wearing
like that to work um I want to talk about the things that I haven’t been
doing I haven’t been doing a lot of things and so I don’t think that’s the
progress of my hair has been that much in terms of limp I haven’t been deep
conditioning I know I know I say that that’s the one thing that you should do
but I haven’t been doing that I haven’t been doing massages on the head I
haven’t been doing any massages and I only think that I have kept up to speed
with and maintained and done regularly is a weekly wash this is because as I
have said before I had scalp problems my scalp was each year right in the middle
of me here somewhere so I wanted to maintain a healthy clean scalp even with
braids I tried to keep the scalp clean by using cotton wool just to go in
between the lines and clean it up and putting on some oil too to make sure
that the bacteria doesn’t get to it and Scott doesn’t actually eat dry or stay
dry and just maintaining a healthy clean scalp during that time the products that
I’ve used and kept up to speed with the whole time I used regularly I haven’t
changed these products in here this is where I keep my african black soap you
won’t see it because I use this this used to be an Nevaeh bottle for shampoo
I think but that’s what I use I just make my african black soap and then I
put it in here I have also been quite consistent in using this mixture for my
oils at the bottom if you look there’s some herbs and some are very curbs that
I mixed in here and you can see the video to that right you link below to
show you what I kept up with and what is in actually what is mixed in this oil
mixed at me I’ve also kept the aloe vera spray you can see how I make this in the
link below as well this is what I’ve changed the bottle of
it I used to have a smaller bottle but with I think I lost it in one of my
travels so I had this one and there’s a bit of a gift
I’ll be making some more this evening and let’s see about a mix that I made a
long time ago and as you can see I’ve been using it I think this one was
booked all day and now it’s up to here now I’ve been using it that’s how it
looks when I do wash my head I use this little comb to just help to massage the
scalp and to see in the scalp actually and I’ve been washing my hair once a
week like I said before condition with a very powders the link to my very powder
conditioner is in the description box below you can see how I make that I’ll
be adding one more item or one more thing to my routine I’ll be adding rice
water I make this rice water I think five days ago and it’s fermented already
and I had it in the fridge to stop the fermentation process and now I’m going
to use it today today is my wash day and I have to first take off the many twists
that I’ve been keeping these mini twists of me I made two weeks ago and in order
to wash my hair right now I’m gonna take them off and then wash my hair maybe
I’ll put back community twists or maybe I’ll do something thank you with my head
no but for now this is what I have my this is how I’ve been keeping it for the
last two weeks but now it’s time to let it go so it’s been fun catching up I
hope that you will check out all the other videos that I have put composed
for you and the links that I have made for you down below you can see the links
but for now I have to go wash my hair and I will be doing a little check on
another video but for this video I think this is it
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let me know what you’ve been up to how your progress with your hair is coming
along and please check out my next length check and to see how I think it’s
growing a lot but don’t expect miracles anyway thanks for watching bye

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