Taking Charge of Your Health

My Ayurvedic inspiration or aspiration is just to start taking care of myself. I’ve always kind of been like a
giver and I always put other people ahead of me so this is kind of like a
selfish thing for me. I just want to take care of myself and kind of be the best I
can be so I can give back so much more. I decided to take the Ayurvedic program
because I did the teacher training program last year. And just the
progression that I saw from the very beginning to the end of it, and I knew
from the very beginning that it was going to be a whole lifestyle change. Now that I
graduated and I’m a yoga teacher, the whole physical part is there. Now I want to
take on the nutrition and grasp that other part of the lifestyle and make it
one from one whole, just well-rounded lifestyle that I can live through every
single day. Self awareness. Part of the program that I teach in massage therapy
has things about Ayurveda and I don’t know much. So other than Kapha, Dosha, Pitta, you know? So that’s what I’m doing. Trying
to expand my knowledge base and learn a little bit more about me. …Call eating like diet because we’re not
dieting, we’re eating, we are living. So the way we eat and what we eat, what food we put within ourselves, how we eat it— at what time, what season… A lot of things need to be taken into consideration. It’s the main tool in treating diseases and imbalances, and preventing all the bad stuff that can happen. Just by eating right. So today we’ll start learning about food. About qualities of the food. I’m feeling actually really excited
because it was I was kind of hoping so far to this point. And just to gain, you know, it’s really just getting new experiences. The group makes it really easy to ease your anxieties about the things you don’t know so that’s what it’s all about, right now. Honestly, it was really inspirational. I kind of like took a step back from what we know here in like the western or western ways. And kind of made it more wholesome. So it’s like you can see yourself as who you really are, like your true
nature, the elements within you. So it was just kind of inspirational and like helps you
kind of embrace who you are a little bit more. Well, I started class a little nervous just cause you’re meeting new people that you’ve never met before and then you’re all sitting in a room kind of talking about who you are and you’re kind of opening up to all these brand
new people. But you know, the whole time I was sitting there, I said to myself, “I’ve
been here before. This is familiar. I’ve been in this room before. I’ve sat in
this circle with strangers before.” And knowing that I’ve been there before and I
cultivated so many amazing friendships throughout that ten-month program before.
Now that the weekend’s over, the excitement’s there, it’s that familiar excitement of, “Oh, I get to go back next month and see these people again.” And we kind of create this
relationship based off of this Ayurvedic program that is kind of like bringing us
all together and it’s exciting.

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