Taking Charge of Your Health

When I consider the Mind Body Spirit connection,
I have to look at it through this lens of Ayurveda which teaches me that the mind and
the body are linked. We always talk about the psychology and the
physiology together, and then that does leave the spirit as something that’s a little bit
separate. So, for me, the idea start to cultivate a
body that is very balanced, very healthy and able to do the things that I want to do. If I can start to integrate mindful practices
that bring me peace, that decrease stress, then I have the luxury of this amazing platform
from which to work on my spirit. If I am distracted by chronic illness or pain,
or other things going on, on a psychological or physiological level, then I have no way
to start to access my own spirituality and cultivate and develop it in a meaningful way. So we take care of the body, we take care
of the mind, and then we have the luxury of exploring the spirit unencumbered. Produced by The Healthy Life Project

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