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hello I’m dr. Sachin stockholder I’m from India and I’m coming here since 2005 in Port Salut ei8 Center in Spain whether you go to a distant community whether you go to the Western community nowadays stress is a very common and stress-related ailments we can observe in almost 60 percent of the patients so according to our experience in food Salvi we can say that because of the stress people are not able to concentrate they have their digestion problem they weren’t able to sleep properly and at the same time many of the autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis arthritis or neurodermatitis are increasing in the population so to tackle these symptoms and tackle the health issues of the European community we have seven tips on the basis of Ayurveda to tackle the stress to tackle with the stress elements the important aspect we have to concentrate on the sleep so provide you adequate sleep I will be the recommends at least six to eight hours sleep in the night and that is very important to have this sound sleep we recommend to use the coconut oil for the head for the hands and for the treat before going to sleep you can make it kokin um you can hot coconut oil warm it not hot warm it and apply on the head apply on the hands and apply on the field before going to sleep you can use it half an hour before going to sleep the second important aspect that is you should not here or should not listen the loud music in the imaging and at the same time you should not take the stimulants like coffee in the inning especially after seven o’clock in the evening the second important aspect to tackle with the stress is to integrate the poses in your day-to-day activity I will give one example if you drive a car in the same high speed you weren’t able to or engine may have or trouble or give you trouble like that if you worked rapidly or if you work Springs automatically this speed will disturb the harmony of three notions so high speed always increase the water level in the body and stress itself is going to increase the water level in the body so when you are working for example you are working in the office after one and half hour or two hours you can go and take small walk you can also go and take water so this small pauses during work will help you a lot to reduce the stress level the third important aspect regarding is the food and stress because majority of the people who are suffering from the stress have the complaints of their digestion so to tackle with the digestive disorders or the diners to complaints we should focus on our food habits IRA vada is recommended to eat warm and cooked me this warm and cooked meal help to digest well and stress people if they eat with focus mind with happy mood they will able to convert the food into positive energy and this is very important to tackle with the stress factors especially stress associated in digestion and that is why the tip for the stress people is to eat warm and cooked meal with happy mood and with full focus mind or full concentration Ayurveda and yoga belies the two sides of the same coin mostly hairveda recommends the guidelines for the healthy life on a physical level and yoga is giving the guidelines for your spiritual level so I already lifestyle and yogic lifestyles are not two different sides they are same so to tackle with the stress the philosophy of Ayurveda and philosophy of yoga is very important and beside this one should learn to concentrate to focus to sit quietly and to go for the meditation because it helps to regulate your vada energy and at the same times to practice meditation will assure you the self-confidence self-esteem and at the same time it will assure you the equal poisonous because the stress people we have observed that they have lack of concentration they have lack of confidence they cannot concentrate on particular thing and these all factors can be tackled effectively by regular practicing of yoga we here in Port shall we practice meditation but we give the guidelines for meditation on a personal level and we chant own in the morning uncle chanting is a very good practice to calm down to cool down to focus your mind to concentrate your mind so this is all very important aspect that we practising in Portuguese the another aspect of stress management is to have your social life properly it has been observed that the people who are connected with the family or frames can tackle with the stress effectively so to having the connection to having the heart-to-heart communication with your family members and with your friends is very important this will help you to come out of the crisis it has been observed that the people who are not socially integrated are likely to have the more stress other than the other people who are more connected with their family members or with their friends so I will bethe has given the choice that you should have the eight-hour sleep in the night eight hours you should engage yourself in the working schedule and eight hours you should have the recreation activity so in this repetitive activities you should give the priorities to your family members you should able to take the responsibility of your children your wife or your husband or your partner and at the same time you should able to mix with your friends and to share your emotions and to help share in their emotions also that is very important aspect so be connected with your family members and your friends the next important aspects of stress management is to go into the nature as per our Veda human body is a part and parcel of the nature so whatever the energies are present in the nature these energies are also present in human body and expert the aisleway the evolution of this world is speaking place or has taken place through the sound bills so if you listen the sound waves of the nature for example if you listen to the mean or exposed to the beam or at the same time if you go to the scene and hear the sound waves of the sea you will get calm down so for coming whenever you are in the stress go to the nature enjoy the nature and appreciate the nature this will give you the very positive energy and you will able to come out the stressful situation faster the last and the important tip for the Strix management is to visit the Fort Stanwix and to have the Pointer thermal treatments this panchakarma treatment will help you to come out of the stressful situation because when you come here you have different types of food you will get a vegetarian for you are doing yoga on beta basis in the morning and in the evening at the same time the oil based therapies will help you to boost your energy level so all the stress related ailments can be tackled effectively with this panchakarma treatment here so wherever possible you can visit and take the Ayurvedic treatment inputs army Spain namaste

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