Taking Charge of Your Health

In Ayurveda the approach to cure disease and
to prevent disease is much more vast, much more elaborate and holistic than what we often
see in Western medicine today. It is interesting, in Ayurveda they talk about
the Creation, how it came into existence and how from the subtle the gross has come into
being. So they said first the space element was there. Out of the space element the air element came. Out of the air element, when it condensed
more, it became the fire element. When the fire element became more gross it
became the water element, and finally the earth element. So this applies also, if we see, to any imbalance
in the body, in the Creation, in our body and our mind, and any disease in our body
and mind as well. So they say the imbalance first manifests
on the subtle level. The space is untouched, but on the level of
the air element some imbalance can be there. When it persists it condenses into the fire element; that is where we see it starts affecting the mind. When it becomes more gross, when it becomes
more condensed, then finally it will come to the water and the earth element, which
is the body. So in Ayurveda they say that many times the
root cause for a problem is more subtle. For example, you are stressed, and that is
why you are getting a headache, that is why there is an imbalance in the body, a hormonal
imbalance or some other problem. And they said that is why if you are able
to already deal with these problems, balance this imbalance, correct this imbalance on
the subtle level, then it does not have to come to the gross level, you don’t have
to get sick on the physical level, it does not have to manifest in the body. So that is why they say Pranayama is so effective,
because it regulates the Prana, it balances at the level of the subtle life force energy,
of the Prana. And even if you go more subtle, on the level
of the mind, you can already cure diseases, you can improve the situation, you can balance
imbalances with the use of meditation with the use of mantras. And nowadays, when science is catching up,
we see that for example we have Kirlian Photography, which allows us to take a picture of the Aura
of the bio-energy field of a person which we call the Pranamaya Kosha, where you can
see the life-force field. So they found that before a disease manifests
in the body, a few months earlier you can already see it on the Kirlian Photography,
you can already see it in the Aura of a person. And by doing Pranayama, by doing meditation,
by doing chanting, we can already improve this any imbalances, so that we don’t have
to get sick. And even if there is a problem in the body,
by attending to it on the subtle level many times the physical body also gets healed,
gets cured. So it is beautiful to explore this, to learn
a little more about ourself, about how this world has come into being, about how our body
works, our mind works, and this precious knowledgeof Ayurveda is truly a gift to this world. And by learning a little more about it, it
can help us to live a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

7 thoughts on “Ayurveda: Healing on the Subtle Level | Benefits of Ayurveda

  1. very very nice. the levels of space, air, fire, water, earth element is great knowledge. we want to attain nothingness like space. at the continuous doing of pranayama breathing we feel heat on the nostrils. we require the need to drink water to sense cool in the body.

  2. GRATEFUL and thankful to you swami ji for sharing this apply KNOWLEDGE ….,,,,🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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