Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi guys! My name is Victoria and recently I’ve started
to take some courses, some intensives in Ayurveda. Now first, I’d like to start off by saying
that I’ve had yoga in my life now for about four years. And I’ve always been interested in the deeper
truths behind it. So things like Pranayama, things like meditation,
Yoganidra, more of the things that you can apply to your day to day to kind of find wholeness. So I’ve been fortunate enough to be given
the opportunity to study Ayurveda the science of life and interestingly enough I’m a biology
major so it’s such an amazing perspective to have you know this western kind of very
concrete interpretation of life and then to also study this very ancient intuitive way
to see life. It’s just it’s really mind-blowing. Something that I shifted my perspective tenfold
and the introduction into yoga is the fact that we are a part of nature that we can’t
be separated from it. We need sleep. We sleep at certain times.
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of circadian rhythms but there’s designated times for
certain things because we mirror the ever expansive universe that we live in. It’s kind of amazing. On that note, it’s so humbling to know that we’re just one
little speck of something that is so grand and enormous and ever-shifting, ever-changing
but always there. In the same way, it’s so strengthening and
kind of awakening to know that look what I’m a part of. I’m connected with the sun, you have all these
little things. It’s truly amazing. It really is. I’m excited to learn more, I’m excited to
share with you guys my experiences especially as we start to dive into food. I’m a foodie to begin with and we’re so lucky
enough to have amazing Ayurvedic meals every Saturday. So I’m excited to share that with you. I think some of the recipes are actually online
on Sadhana’s website. And I can’t wait to share my story with you
guys. Of course if you have any questions you can
always ask myself or Daniel or anyone else at the studio. I can’t wait to connect again. Namaste.

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