Taking Charge of Your Health

In Ayurveda we have the concept of 3
different types of drinks. First, it is water. Ayurveda says that in morning
time, water is like a nectar. Everybody has to drink some warm
water, a glass of warm water, in the morning time, to clean
the body, to detox the body. And second we say, butter milk. Butter milk is good after food. And milk, Milk is
good before sleeping. Drinking water, we say
according to the body type (dosha), you have to drink 1 litre
bottle, 2 litres bottle or more than 2 litres bottle. But whenever you
are drinking water, water should be on
small, small portions, through all the day instead of taking at one time a lot of water. So, if you drink one litre bottle at a time the body will consume
only what it needs. and afterwards it
will be flesh out. So, we have to drink small
portions through out the day. Before food and after
food, water is not good. So, if you want to
drink a glass of water, and you have to eat food,
just wait half an hour. So, water have to go out of the
stomach and then you have to eat food. Second thing, if you
want to drink after food, then, at least you
have 2 hours gap, between food and water. Otherwise, everything will
be diluted in the system, and it will influence our digestion. When you are taking the liquid
and the solid food together, the ration should be 2
(solid) to 1 (water). Ayurveda do not recommend
very cold water. Ayurveda says the
water should be warm, not cold,
not very hot also. So, warm as the body temperature. It will be better for the body. At least 30 minutes you
have to wait if you drink a glass of water, and after
that you can take your food. After food, 2 and a half
hours (you can drink water) In between the meal,
the ration is 2 to 1. We have the food and
liquid mixed together. So, the liquid should not
be more than the solid. Till you are taking a soup, a juice
or a more liquid diet, it is OK. but if you are taking
the solid and liquid, the liquid should be
half of the solid. But do not drink water with the food. Actually our stomach
capacity is 250grs., 350grs, and you put the food and
then you put the water. So, everything will be diluted and
the diluted thing will go faster, So it will be not enough
time for digestion. We have the food 2 and a half
hour to 3 hours in the stomach, for the assimilation. As much as the assimilation is good, the digestion will be good. So, if you disturb the assimilation, the digestion will be
automatically not good. The stomach capacity
is 250 – 350 grs. Usually, in ayurveda we say,
eat half of your appetite. If you divide the stomach into 4 portions, 2 portions for solid food, 1 portions liquid food, and 1 portion should be empty. In Ayurveda we say do
not eat all the time. You need minimum 3 – 4
hours gap between two meals. First the food has to
go out of the stomach, then you can take new food. So, do not mix. If you take something right now, after half an hour you
are taking something, after one hour you are sitting. So everything is
mixing in the stomach So, it is also called indigestion, too over eating,
too frequent eating. In ayurveda we say you
can take 4-5 meals also. But between 3-4 hours gap. So if you take something solid, wait for 3 hours to eat
the next meal or something

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