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hi guys my name is Clare this is Clareminded and in this beautiful episode we’re showing you and me how to make an
ayurvedic turmeric milk, aka golden milk and this is all about
herbs for health and healing from ayurvedic perspective so in this video
I’m going to show you the benefits of turmeric and kind of give you the ayurvedic perspective of you know the herb itself the benefits and the plant and
what we use in kind of the backstory from an ayurvedic perspective and then I’m
going to show you how to make an ayurveda tumeric milk nothing new nothing
fancy but I’m just gonna show you how maybe this one connects a little bit
more I don’t know and then I’m going to show you the Ayurvedic herbal formula so
an ayurvedic herbal formula is basically a combination of herbs and I’m going to
show you the specific ayurvedic techniques of how we kind of cultivate
our own herbal remedies so I don’t know if anyone knew this but golden milk is
actually an ancient ayurveda herbal drink so it’s an herbal formula that
uses all these different parts and components of different herbs
specifically for specific reasons and I’m gonna explain to you the herbal
formula of golden milk and then I’m gonna give you the examples and the
principles of the ayurvedic herbal formula so hopefully you can try and
make your own herbal formula tumeric is loaded with antioxidants it’s also
called curcuma for those you who are not in the know, it is anti inflammation so it
helps reduce joint pain and any kind of swelling or inflammation that you’re
dealing with in your body it’s a mood stabilizer hello vata’s! it also improves
your brain function and it contains curcuma which is a fat soluble so it’s
also really good to take with another fat soluble
and we are going to take it with coconut milk which is another fat, how
convenient in Ayurvedic turmeric milk that we are
going to make now from ayurvedic perspective, getting into the very specifics
of you know the plant from ayurveda point of view so tumeric we use the part
that we use is the rhizome so just like ginger we use the root of the tumeric
plant. the rasa is bitter and pungent so bitter is kind of cool
and drying and pungent is kind of hot and spicy so turmeric is actually
tridoshic and only pitta in excess would it affect it all but overall
turmeric is like ayurveda’s super herb the virya of turmeric is warm so
it’s not too hot for pitta dosha. like I said it’s tridoshic and then the vipaka of turmeric is pungent so it has a purifying effect the goodness of
turmeric are light dry and a little bit rough.
it’s good for all three doshas! then in ayurveda the common uses that
we use turmeric for are things like for anti-inflammatory anti microbial it
helps reduce AMA so it kind of rinse yourself of toxins we use it as a
carminative so it can help expel gas and then also add opponent which means it
stimulates your agni that digestive fire so that is just a brief overview of the
ayurvedic perspective and the tons of benefits that tumeric has okay so are
you that a turmeric milk that we’re about to make here we have our coconut
milk the star that showed to my cooking is powdered or we have fresh here if you
want that we’re gonna use ginger cinnamon black pepper and then about teaspoon of honey so first what we are going to do is warm the
coconut milk so are you finding tumeric milk is it’s easy to make you can have a
warm or cold in the blender so I just add the spices
in there but I’d like to warm up the coconut milk just slightly before him
don’t put it too hot though because it could like boil over or it could burn
the coconut milk so we just want to kind of like warm it up in the stove a little
bit so that’s what we’re gonna do now let’s give it a nice little shake and
then just pouring about a cup of the coconut milk into a pot so we’ll warm
that up too it’s always best to use the stovetop if you have it just because it
is a warming nurturing kind of aspect to it I’m going to use ground turmeric in
our ayurvedic turmeric milk today here too but you can also use fresh root but be wary
because turmeric stains we are going to use some fresh ginger so we’re going to
slice it up and then when the coconut milk is all ready we’re gonna add all
the ingredients to the blender blend it up and they kind of just strain it so we
don’t have any chunky pieces and then we have a nice warm ayurvedic turmeric
milk okay once you have your coconut nice and warm we’re gonna pour it into
the blender so not too hot just slightly warmed coconut milk or you can see a
little bit of steam – but it’s not bubbling over we’re going to add a
teaspoon of fresh ginger a teaspoon of turmeric 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
about three shades of freshly ground cover and about a teaspoon of honey and
then from here we’re just going to blend it all together so warm so delicious now what is an
ayurvedic herbal formula?? So an ayurvedic herbal formula is a specific combination
of ayurvedic herbs that is for a patient a specific treatment or specific
symptom that a patient is dealing with you think when you see all these like
spritzers and you know tea combination elixirs like how did they come up with
that stuff and especially in our unit there’s so many herbs and to choose from
it’s like how do you know which one is good with which combination and let me
tell you it’s an art it is a science it’s experimental
it’s intuitive it’s exciting it’s a loving practice and it also takes some
skill but also a lot of intuition when you’re building it especially if you’re
building your own ayurvedic herbal formula you have to go with
what you feel right I mean that is kind of gonna be your best judge it’s gonna
be your best kind of guide and to giving you what you actually need and the
intention of the ayurvedic herbal formula can be amplified through meditation
through prayer through mantra and through overall just like unconditional
love that you pour into this herbal formula so understanding the components
of an ayurvedic herbal formula there are five parts five components but let me
first brief you that you don’t always need all five things in the herbal
formula that you’re creating and sometimes one herb is actually two of
the components and so it kind of all mixes up but these are the standard five
components that are in a standard ayurevdic herbal formula the first component
is the chief herb and this is the main action and direction that we want our
herbal formula to take and then we have the supporting herb and the supporting
herb has the same action as the chief herb and by using the supporting herb
with the same action it’s going to amplify the chief herbs and that
intention and that expectation that we kind of want to pull and extract from
that chief herb and then we have the assisting herb and the assisting
herb complements the chief herb so it doesn’t have the exact same quality that
we want to pull out of the chief herb but the assisting herb kind of helps
like the chief herb really come into itself so it complements it really helps
open up the chief herb and then we have the caring herb and the caring herb
helps the absorption of the chief and the supporting and the assisting herb
and lastly we have the antagonistic herb and the antagonistic herb is the
counterpart to the chief herb so if we have a warm herb the antagonist is going
to be something kind of cool to help balance everything out in relation to
the ayurvedic of turmeric milk that we’re making let me explain the ayurvedic
formula and kind of break it down so like I said we have five components we
have the chief herbs we have a supporting herb the assisting herb the
caring herb and then the antagonistic herb
so in our ayurveda turmeric milk that we just made has all of these elements the
first chief herb in our ayurvedic turmeric milk in turmeric so that is
the chief herb that is the chief action that we want to use so turmeric our main
action with that is anti inflammation so we are focusing on anti-inflammatory
with the turmeric so that is our focus that’s our chief herb and it’s gonna
have the dominant of amount in our formula and then we have the supporting
herb and the supporting herb and the ayurvedic turmeric milk is the ginger
so ginger has tons of benefits you can check out some other videos if you want
to know those however ginger is also an anti inflammatory herb so when we
pair it with turmeric with the intention of pulling that anti-inflammation out
that is the specific part of the ginger that is going to amplify the chief herb
of the anti inflammation in the turmeric the assisting herb in our ayurvedic
turmeric milk is a cinnamon so the cinnamon doesn’t specifically have
anti-inflammation benefit but it stimulates our circulatory system so it
is complimenting the chief herb for anti-inflammation and
we want to help reduce those joints the cinnamon kind of opens up the
circulatory system so our joints have clearer channels to kind of help move
everything through and then we have the carrying herb and the carrying herb is
black pepper and it can also kind of be ginger too but the black pepper that we
put into this ayurvedic turmeric milk helps the absorption of the turmeric
specifically and then our antagonistic herb in our ayurvedic turmeric milk is
the coconut milk because think okay we have turmeric we have ginger we have
black pepper we have cinnamon these are all mostly warming spices so we need to
balance that with a counterpart so that’s why we use the coconut milk to
kind of cool it off because coconut has a cooling effect so the coconut is our
antagonist herb that we are adding to this ayurvedi turmeric milk so just
briefly that was the Ayurvedic herbal formula explained in real time it’s
something you’re drinking hopefully right now and it’s super easy and you
can use these five components in to make any herbal formula that you want
specifically for a treatment a symptom that you’re dealing with use this herbal
formula experiment with it have some fun with it
be intuitive with it know that it’s an art form it’s intuitive it’s creative
and is totally experimental as always thank you guys so much for joining it’s
a pleasure to have you and joining me on my herbalism series if you like this
video please let me know in the comments below hit the like button subscribe to
my page let me know what you guys think and I’ll see you next time!
Golden time.. it may not be your favorite but I suggest you give it one more try

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