Taking Charge of Your Health

So, another fundamental key principal in Ayurveda is this concept of digestive power or digestive strength and it is called Agni. and it is a terribly important concept because Ayurveda says that if you have great Agni If you are so blessed in this lifetime to have good Agni you will have excellent health So, you can see that it is a very powerful concept but for the most part, because of our lifestyle choices because of our lack of understanding of this concept of Agni which by the way is totally not understood in the west In the Allopathic tradition, it is not understood but this concept of Agni gets under par It is not up to par for most people What is Agni? Agni is all of the enzyme systems for digestion from the mouth to the anus and from all the bacterial systems from the mouth to the anus That is a big big party, isn’t it? because it is a huge system. It is a huge system. but the key here is that that Agni that is central in the digestive system will reflect the health of all the Agnis in all of the rest of the body from the cellular tissues such as muscle tissue such as the reproductive tissue, nervous tissue, even down to the cellular level So, if we have strong Agni, in the digestive system it will ensure that we have good Agni throughout our entire body What is the value of having good Agni? Well, first of all, the most important thing is that it gives us energy because anybody who has low Agni which is not up to par will have low energy it totally translates and it is completely consistent with how we are feeling in our mind & body The second thing is that it gives us mental clarity Many people don’t know they have poor mental clarity until they look back and they see oh, you know, I just was not really clear I was foggy, I was operating as some people say in a brain fog. But in reality, it was all about poor Agni. So, when you take care of your Agni, you start becoming aware of better mental clarity, better energy, sleeping better and digesting better. So, those are all gifts that Agni gives us. And it is a very slow process when our Agni starts to deteriorate we don’t know it until it is too late.

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