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Today we are going to make Ayurvedic chocolate truffle Its very healthy Kids will love it as we have used chocolate in this remedy It improves digestion, eyesight & memory Almonds – 1/2 cup Roast for 2 minutes on medium flame Walnuts – 1/2 cup Roast for 2 minutes Let them cool for couple of minutes Take out in a grinder jar Add fennel seeds – 1/2 cup Grind to fine powder Rock crystal sugar – 3/4 cup Grind it and add to the mixture Mix well for 5-6 minutes It should start binding together Clarified butter- 2 teaspoon (optional) Make balls out of this mixture Melt chocolate in microwave for 15 seconds interval until chocolate starts melting Dip laddus in the chocolate and place in freeze for 5 minutes to set Ayurvedic Chocolate Truffle is ready, Enjoy!!! Like, share & subscribe Thanks for watching

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