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Preparing for Herbal Bath Powder This bath powder can be used by all irrespective of ages Green Peas Green Peas : Anti-aging effect on skin Bengal Gram – To reduce pimples Bengal Gram & Green Peas help glowing the skin Kasturi Manjal – Wild Turmeric. To avoid unwanted hair growth on face. Till 5 years we can use this for boy or girl child Poolan Kilangu- White Turmeric. For boy child we can use after 5 years instead of Wild Turmeric Both White & Wild Turmeric act as Germicide Almond – For skin moisturizing and glow Dry all these in Sun Light and then grind them well in a mixie. Karboga Arisi or Babchi Seeds Canary Seeds (Kattu Jeerakam in Tamil) Both Babchi and Black cumin seeds taken to avoid itching during cold season. Aavaram Poo or Aavaram Senna Aavaram Poo to prevent the black spots on skin To add the fragrance to the powder we can use Javvadu or Pure sandal powder or paneer rose. Grind the Kasturi Manjal after making into small pieces Broken pieces of Kasturi Manjal Either White Turmeric or Wild Turmeric can be used Aavaram Poo also helps for fair complexion Soap Nuts (boondi kottai) for foamy effect. Remove the seeds and use.

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  1. super mam..actually i prepared the same recipe.. now i am watching the same… it feels good when someone acknowledge our action… now i am confident to use my customized kuliyal podi.. ???

  2. Very sooooper fantastic useful video natu marundhu kadai na aurvedic shopa pls tell me frm where u purchased mam at B'luru is it avaikable in Maleshwaram pls tell me thank u fr this winderful video

  3. Very useful receipe madam,pls request you to tell the English names of last two items,Shahid jeers n other one

  4. Mam girls ku meesa mari face la varudhu and andha mouthmealayum black ka irruku idhulaaa illama irruka edhachiii tips soluga mam and face clean naa glow aaga tips solugaa

  5. Mam kadalai maavu use pannuna face dry aagatha… enth ingredients kuda orange peel powder and neem leaves use pannalam ah

  6. Mam super video.ithellam mixiyile powder panna mudiyuma.poolan kizhngu,kasthuri manjal hard ithane.unka mixi eth amma.

  7. Mam beauty tips video podalama, especially skin glowing,dry skin.en kalukal romba dry.bath powder nan try pannuven.?

  8. Paasi paruppu, kadalai paruppu, badam, kasturi manjal matum grind panni use pannuna result kedikuma mam? Enaku dark spots neraya iruku and konjam skin whitening um aaganum.. Intha 4 matum powder panni use pannuna result kedikuma ma?

  9. Thank you so much mam…? please create playlists like "Samayal", "Home Remedies", "Aanmeegam", "Traditional Info", "Festivals & Celebration"…etc, it will be easy for you to find and user the the videos again whenever required. ?

  10. மாமி பிறந்த குழந்தைக்கு இதை உபயோகபடுத்தலாமா. எந்தந்த சாமான் தவிர்த்து விட்டு உபயோகபடுத்தலாம் என சொல்லுங்கோ மாமி. நன்றி.

  11. Kindly give me herbal remedy for dry skin madam. My skin on the face has stopped secreting oil n my face has become very dry. Without moisturizer I can't even open my mouth. I feel bad for using moisturizer on a daily basis. I'm in UK. So give me remedy for both in India and UK

  12. Dear Amma, very nice preparation of this bath powder. Thank you so much. Since summer has started, this powder will be very useful. Amma I tried your Ammavasai recipes, it came out very well. Amma can I buy this bath powder from you. If so how to contact you. Thank you Amma.

  13. Hi mam enaku skin problem erunthu so atha karbogam arisi use panna sonnaga use pannathu apram black black ha agiduchi enna panrathu mam

  14. mam was correct… dis was the exact bathing Powder… poolan kizhangu ..m.korak kizhangu skin colour ..just for odour….

  15. I've bought all the ingredients for the powder but the 'panneer poo' that I bought in the shop is not the pretty blooms you used but dried buds. Should I use it?

    Also, can my 26-year old son use the powder as it contains "Kasturi Manjal' if not I have to make a separate batch without it for my son.

    Thanks a lot! I can't wait to try it!

  16. இந்த பவுடரை ஆம்பள பசங்களுக்கு போட்டு குளிக்க வைக்கலாமா என் பையனுக்கு எட்டு வயசாகிறது அவனுக்கு போட்டு குளிக்க வைக்கலாமா இதுல மஞ்சள் கலந்ததினால கேட்டேன் பதில் சொல்லுங்க மேம்

  17. Mam I am also staying in Malleshwaram, Bangalore where do I get avarampoo, please give address, even for other items

  18. மாமி உங்களுடைய ஹேர் ஆயில் நான் தயார்செய்தேன் அருமை. அடுத்து இந்த பொடி செய்ய போகிறேன் . இந்த மாதிரி நல்ல விஷயங்களை ஷேர் செய்ததற்கு மிக்க நன்றி??♥️♥️

  19. Namaskaram Mami, I tried this powder for my 14 yrs daughter… The powder was very soft mami. Romba vazhuvazhu nu irukunnu solra mami. Neraya neram agudhu kulika nu solra mami. Yenna panradhu mami?

  20. Jayasri akka. This your regular fn Premlatha Mani Tukaram from Hampi Hospet. Pls let me know quantities for bath powder. Thanks you

  21. Thanks mami..for natural ingredients and healthy method of making powder…. We are the great fan of your voice… Do many things in your future…. All the best….

  22. Hi Mami… How r u… I have a doubt…avarum poo motoda podalam ahh illa petals mattum podalam ahh..suppose poo illa ahh power ah podalama..plss help..

  23. I have a dry skin Maami. After bathing, my hands & legs will be with white patches, so homemade moisturing cream or tips solungo.

  24. Hi mami.. how are you…how many days we want to make it dry…if so in sun or shadow…what ingredients we want to dry mami….

  25. Madam en ponnuku 3 month aachu ipa tha use panaran but skin la chinna chinna koppalam pola varuthu na soap pottathuku piragu tha podaran…. So now soap podamatha intha podiya use pannanuma….Pls rply ….

  26. Karunjeeragam tat mean onion seeds right.unwanted facial hair remove seiya tat poolan kizhangu use seiyalama. poolan kizhangu gvs any side effects

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