Taking Charge of Your Health

“Science of the life” in practice
Ayurveda Workshop
Muktamani, Claudia Matejovsky
Manager of the
Ayurveda Academy of Yoga in Daily Life As you know, our belowed Master, SwamiJi connected ayurveda to our yoga system with a specific purpose. We should not only know about ayurveda, but utilize it in our life. In SwamiJi’s opinion it is important that we use ayurveda in order to strengther ourselves We strengthen our yoga. Almost everyone knows MuktamaniJi from Vienna. She used to give nice talks. She told us however, that now she would rather demonstrate in practice how and what should we do. Now we come to two types of recipes which should be consumed before breakfast. So, here we have a little cup. Now she has grated the peeled fresh ginger. She has taken two teaspoons of the grated fresh ginger to a strainer. Then we press it. Can you see? Now we filter it. This is a little bit too much for one person, twice as much. From now on we will cook every day and we can use this for the food. Then we take two teaspoons of lemon juice. Press it like that! Make it four, because the ginger is twice as much. And two teaspoons of honey, in this case four, because the amount is more. Is this one, or two? Two Two are enough And now it depends on the quality of the honey. It should dissolve properly.
Stir it! But this goes quickly. One has to experience this. Yes! Are all kinds of honey good? All kinds of honey are good, but it has to be pure The honey must be pure I have prepared something about honey early in the morning. I thought this question would come. Honey is sweet, astringent, cool, dry, and light. Stimulates the appetite Good for the bones Beneficial for the eyes aphrodisiac pleasant improves the complexion improves the voice it has scratching effect. Cardio tonic Capable of entering into the minute channels of the body Reduces the fat tissue although it is sweet. The honey is the best remedy for kapha dosha, for obesity. Not the sugar, but the honey. But of course not a pot, but every day a spoon — this is the amount.

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